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Having my 17 y/o with severe pastern arthritis on the CBD pellets has done wonders for her ❤️ never thought she would be 100% sound again, but here we are! 😍 thank you RMG!


— Katie H.

After hearing all the good reports with the equine pellets, I decided to try it on my 14 year old Cairn Terrier. After only 4 days I have been able to wean him off his pain meds completely and is doing really well! Definitely a skip in his step and a step in the right direction! Thank you!!

— Pamela P.

It really works! I have a 300# castrated male goat, Rascal, that had a flare up of his arthritis in his knees and he would hardly stand up. When he did he was limping badly. I started him on just over 1/2 tsp of the Equine Hemp Pellets once daily. After one dose, he was back on his feet. After several days, we was very active and social again 😍 He’s back to playing with his mom, Carmel. Rascal demands his pellets and licks them out of my hand. Both goats are now on Turmeric as well.

— Stephanie P.