We carry the best CBD for Horses. Rocky Mountain Girls CBD helps with, Laminitis in horses, Horse anxiety, Arthritis in horses, Hock arthritis, Horse cancer, Chronic condition, Horse weight gain, Horse performance, Stress in horses, Horse tumors, Cushings, and other equine health issues.
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Owner Testimonials

A Magical beginning…

Meet Angel

You have to meet Angel, my lovable and beautiful paint mare! We adopted her from Safe Landing Horse Rescue in January of 2018. She still needed a bit of weight to gain to fill her topline when we adopted her. She was very nervous and didn’t fit into our herd well, causing her to lose more weight. Her eyes and coat were dull. Desperate, I tried every weight gain remedy I could find… the vet recommended sand clear twice a day for 2 months… Still no gain. I was frustrated and sad for my sweet girl. At a loss, I decided to try Rocky Mountain Girls hemp pellets. The before picture was taken the day we started her on 1 Tbsp of hemp, and WOW!… CLICK TO READ MORE

Meet Scooby

Meet Scooby! This is my senior gelding, who happens to be completely blind! I adopted him from Into the Light Horse Rescue & Sanctuary 2 years ago. He was the first horse my 5 year old (then 3), Cruz, ever loped on… He was actually the first horse Cruz was ever comfortable on. He is our BEST trail horse… he won’t refuse anything (he will even cross water and lope a barrel pattern with his kiddos) and almost never spooks. He has the sweetest, most gentle soul. I can tell Scooby has had a lot of riding years throughout his life and it shows in the form of a good handle and some unfortunate arthritis. After about 6 months of owning him we noticed a lot soreness and stiffness. He would stand camped out and would lay down a lot. I hated watching him get up because it was slow going… CLICK TO READ MORE

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