Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products was established to share the amazing benefits of Full Spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum Hemp derived CBD Oil has to offer people and animals all over the globe. We are passionate about the natural healing, balance, and wellbeing that Hemp can provide. We are so excited to be making a difference in peoples’ lives as part of the CBD movement. Dawn and Misty began Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp with the intentions to improve the quality of life of their own horses and horses in their community. The results were astounding, and they made the decision to expand and help even more people and their pets! We love to hear from our customers.

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Katie H.

Having my 17 y/o with severe pastern arthritis on the CBD pellets has done wonders for her ❤️ never thought she would be 100% sound again, but here we are! 😍 thank you RMG!
-Katie H.

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Pamela P.

After hearing all the good reports with the equine pellets, I decided to try it on my 14 year old Cairn Terrier. After only 4 days I have been able to wean him off his pain meds completely and is doing really well! Definitely a skip in his step and a step in the right direction! Thank you!!!
-Pamela P.

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Stephanie P.

It really works! I have a 300# castrated male goat, Rascal, that had a flare up of his arthritis in his knees and he would hardly stand up. When he did he was limping badly. I started him on just over 1/2 tsp of the Equine Hemp Pellets once daily. After one dose, he was back on his feet. After several days, we was very active and social again 😍 He’s back to playing with his mom, Carmel. Rascal demands his pellets and licks them out of my hand. Both goats are now on Turmeric as well.
-Stephanie P.

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