Testimonial – Misty, Owner

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Testimonies from Misty’s Family and Animals


I never would have guessed 8 months ago that we would be a CBD crazed household! I, like a lot of people, lumped hemp under the marijuana stigma and steered clear of it. I figured all the people that were claiming cannabis was helping to heal them just wanted an excuse to get high! Fast forward to May of 2018 and I found myself eating a very large slice of Humble Pie! CBD may work in our bodies scientifically, but it sure feels and looks like magic!  

I have found I cannot live without the CBD Oil (either the 500 mg or the Softgels)! My monthly female cycle used to be nearly debilitating! My birth control (10-year IUD) has a side effect of insanely heavy flow and incapacitating cramps (not to mention all of this lasting 7 to 8 days)! After using CBD oil for two months… I have finally had a normal cycle with the exception of…ZERO cramps (which is not normal for most women), lasting only 5 days!!! I have increased my dosage to about 25 mg per day.  I am so thankful for that; I just have to share this incredible change that Rocky Mountain Girls CBD made in my body!  Another “side effect” is consistent solid sleep and more energy to spend with my family and spreading the word about Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products! 

My entire family is obsessed with the salve (launching soon)!  We use it for aches and pains… but our favorite application is for dry skin in the winter months. My husband and our kids suffer from super chapped skin that cracks and bleeds during the winter. The salve works faster and more permanently than anything else we can get our hands on (pun intended). In fact, my youngest refused all other ointments because they make his skin burn but loves having the salve put on! 

Our dogs have had great success with the Soft Hemp Canine Chew! Roscoe, our big goofy Pit Bull, has a lot of white fur.  He suffers from ‘hot spots’… dry, itchy skin, where the fur completely falls off. Although he weighs about 70 lbs., 3 chews per day keep the dryness away! Yay! Roscoe is a happier fellow now!  Our older hound mix, Beck, has experienced miserable ear infections throughout his life due to allergies. Beck LOVES his hemp chews as they help reduce swelling related to the ear infections and make ear cleanings much less painful for him! He no longer runs from me when I get the ear cleaner out! I’m hoping to see the CBD therapy relieve the allergies and the inflammation it causes, which caused the ear infections to begin with!   

Rocky Mountain Girls Equine Hemp Pellets are a daily staple for over half of my herd! I have two young rescue horses that deal with chronic lameness issues (one with ring bone, one with navicular; and both under age 6). I have been using RMG hemp Pellets to help relieve pain and swelling related to their issues and hope to help reverse some, if not all, of the damage in their hooves! So far, they are both doing phenomenally on their hemp pellets and get 1 tbsp twice a day! Also, we have Scooby, who’s  a 20 year old blind Appaloosa gelding we rescued in 2017.  Scooby is a very special guy and has worked hard in his life. As a result, he used to suffer from severe arthritis (watch the short video clip of him before the hemp).  After only 3 days on the hemp pellets, his arthritis related symptoms disappeared and never came back!  I am beyond thankful that the hemp pellets have allowed Scooby many more years of riding and pain free living (so are my kids)! 

Last but not least, I would like to share the story of my 2-year-old filly, Veda! She was injured, badly, on July 20, 2018. She sliced the entire back outside quarter of her front right foot, clear down through the hoof. Eventually that section of the hoof fell completely off… and will never grow back. Her rehab was intense and an emotional roller coaster. We were told she would not be out of a stall for at least a year. With the help of God, an amazing farrier, laser therapy, and Hemp, my girl was back on pasture in under 4 months! She is not yet ready to get under saddle, but she has come a long, long ways! My vet was uncertain of her fate… he wasn’t sure of her quality of life… let alone soundness for riding in the future. My hopes and dreams lie in that one sweet, smart, hardworking, and breathtaking filly. Needless to say, I prayed. . . a lot! On January 4th he took a look at her progress and said “Well, it sure won’t be a pretty hoof, but it will be a riding hoof”!  

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