Testimonial – Dawn, Owner

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Testimonies from Dawn’s Family and Animals

You have to meet Angel, my lovable and beautiful paint mare! We adopted her from Safe Landing Horse Rescue in January of 2018. She still needed a bit of weight to gain when we adopted her to fill her top-line. She was very nervous and didn’t fit into our herd well, causing her to lose more weight. Her eyes and coat were dull. Desperate, I tried every weight gain remedy I could think of… the vet recommended sand clear twice a day for 2 months… Still no gain. I was frustrated and sad for my sweet girl. At a loss, I decided to try Rocky Mountain Girls hemp pellets. The before picture was taken the day we started her on 1 Tbsp of hemp, and wow!… look at her 9 days later! Her winter coat had almost completely shed out, revealing a gorgeous shiny coat! The light returned to her eyes, she stopped pacing, stopped waiting at the gate for me to bring her buckets of supplements… she had adjusted into the herd, happy and healthy at last! We have since experienced undeniable results within our herd of horses, ranging from anxiety, arthritis, cushings, heaves, inflammation, fat pads and fat crests turned soft and floppy, mare pregnancy and foal health; all having the side effect of an AMAZING SHINY coat!   
I have had to spoon feed our 18 year old sister Persian cats (Fiona & Spanky) for over 5 years just to make sure they eat enough to keep weight on! A veterinarian had even suggested euthanasia if Spanky didn’t start eating and keep the weight on. We started them on only a few droplets a day of RMG 250 mg tincture, the results were magical! They began eating double all on their own, gaining and keeping the weight on. This was such an amazing change, no more spoon feeding!  
We personally take CBD oil tinctures and softgels.  Our two daughters have seen great benefits as well with sleep, digestion, and anxiety.  Our youngest was healed by God from severe vertigo, several years ago, but a while after began experiencing a PTSD of sorts, fear that the spinning “might” happen at any moment if she would do certain things, like riding in the car was overwhelming, going to sleep at night when all is quiet and lying down, coming inside from playing and running around outside, riding her horse in circles of any size at all brought on severe panic and prayer was the only thing that stopped the panic attack.  I believe God wants to help us receive healing however He can get it to us!  With that being said, I believe that this amazing plant was created with us in mind and I have seen our youngest walk out of panic and fear that “everything might start spinning” with prayer and supplemental CBD!  Our oldest could hardly eat anything and not feel sick.  We tried gluten free, cut out sugar, blood tests, enzymes, vitamin D…so many good things came from supplementing with CBD for her.  She was able to go to sleep before 1 or 2 am, was able to eat without feeling sick, and was so much more relaxed.  We are so thankful about the results, so simple and really works. 
My husband, Dan, jokes with the girls about being made of steel, but he knows the benefits of CBD and is a believer, and for that reason takes CBD as a supplement. I have experienced healing in a torn tendon in my elbow that limited movement, hurt 24 hours a day (don’t you hate when a horse panel falls on you?!) after about 45 days consistently on CBD oil and CBD Balm.  Pain relief from headaches without the use of Excedrin are also a huge blessing.  I am up to approximately 25-50 mg per day, tincture and or softgels.   
I have been homeschooling for many years and have found a love of learning for myself in the process.  I am fascinated with the science of the endocannabinoid system and how CBD works in your body.  Check out our article The Endocannabinoid System.  There is a lot of information out there just waiting to help you understand the amazing benefits without the high and without the negative side effects on your journey to healing, health and wholeness.  Jesus is my ultimate healer, and with Him all things are possible.  Do good to your body.  Educate yourself, take charge of your healing.  Thank you for taking the time to hear our stories, blessings and peace to you; body, mind, and spirit.  Misty, I, and our families are honored to be a part of this compassionate and natural healing movement! 
-Dawn Francis

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