Sour Zkittlez CBD Hemp Flower/STEEPED for TEA – Limited Editions

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  • STEEP as Tea for ACIDIC forms of major & minor cannabinoids!
  • Naturally Present Terpenes & Flavonoids
  • ZERO intoxicating effects/acidic forms test positive
  • Sour Zkittlez strand grown high in CBD
  • Hand Trimmed
  • Organically Grown Hemp in the mtns of CO & OR
  • Lab Tested
  • NO heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, molds, or chemicals

To STEEP for TEA: See Descriptions & Additional information below

$25.00  Sour Zkittlez (0.5 OZ Hemp Flower Hand Trimmed) $25

$25.00  or subscribe and get 10% off




If using Trim/Kief: ½-1 Teaspoon placed in tea ball or loose (The trim/Kief does drop to the bottom while sipping).  If using shucked or hand trimmed flower, a well rounded teaspoon.  Boil water, then pour over (4-8 oz depending on your preference), and steep for 5 mins.  The longer you leave the hemp flower in the tea, the stronger the flavors become.  Most all CBG, CBD, strands have a commonly shared “Peppery flavor,’ which becomes more intense if you leave the flower in past the steeping time.  (Sour Zkittlez CBD strand has the lightest, even if left in tea after steeping, also standing out quite differently, having a rose aroma during steeping, with light floral notes).

Which should you choose to try?  Trim/Kief? Shucked? Hand trimmed?  You can’t go wrong!  Although the fibers of the plant stalk, stems, and leaves contain a small percentage of cannabinoids, the resinous rich treasure of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are produced in the flower through the trichome glands.  You will get this powerhouse in your cup no matter the style of cut!  Trim/Kief has a higher concentration, being more potent since the glands are sifted and collected from the trimming process.  The Trim/Kief can be scooped into your measuring spoon without handling, while shucked, or hand trimmed you can pull apart and discard stems, or steep a whole flower head. WIN WIN.  Handling of the flower will leave the sticky mark of treasure on your fingers!  If steeping with a whole flower head, we recommend ‘pressing’ the flower slightly after steeped, the particles will float and can be swallowed.  For tea ball use, dip and dunk is what we do after steeped!

We recommend adding a some of your favorite Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp CBD tincture to your brew…you’ll get the converted cannabinoid benefit along with the Acidic forms, plus that bit of carrier oil’s fat molecules will up your absorption!  Or you can eat with your sips, or add a little butter, cream, milk, or mct oil while steeping.  You also can add anything else you can dream up to your Hemp Flower Tea, but I thinks it’s perfect just the way it is, Misty “ups’ or brew with a little mango tea bag added.  We give 5 stars to all 4 strands, each one is unique in aroma and flavor. Check out our March 2022 newsletter archive for more info on decarboxylating your flower at home, getting the benefit of acidic and converted cannabinoids from your flower.

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