25 MG equine CBD cubes – Full Spectrum 0.3% THC

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  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD (0.3% THC, Non-Intoxicating) infused cubes of  alfalfa + grass hay + flax (cube sizes vary, 25 MG CBD per cube)
  • Major & Minor Cannabinoids / Naturally Present Terpenes
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • NO heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, molds, or chemicals

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25 MG full spectrum CBD infused equine cubes are HERE! MORE POWER, NO LOSS!  Same CBD MG strength per serving as Rocky Mtn Girls Classic broad spectrum equine CBD pellets, the cubes just include that EXTRA BENEFIT of Full Spectrum’s ‘entourage effect’… a non-intoxicating amount of THC synergistically working together with more of the hemp plant’s properties of major and minor cannabinoids and a full terpene profile. FAST, EASY, HORSES LOVE THEM, & POWERFUL!  CBD is used to assist your horse with a multitude of ailments from arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, workout recovery, injury recovery, allergies, and nutrition absorption and more!

Dosage Suggestion:  1-2 cubes per day as needed

Sponsees on Rocky Mtn Girls 25 MG CBD Cube labels:

25 MG CUBES 4 x5 25 MG CUBES 4 x5         








Claire Castleberry:  Wyoming’s WJRA Champion Barrel Racer, winning at Poles, Tying, & Break-Away

25 MG CUBES 4 x5

Maya Arellano:  Colorado’s Youth Barrel Racer

25 MG CUBES 4 x5

Farra Francis:  Colorado’s Youth Barrel Racer

The Rocky Mtn Girls, LOVE to show off our Sponsees, and we are proud to have picked three pretty darn special cowgirls to make the new Rocky Mtn Girls 25mg Full Spectrum Equine CBD Cube label great!  From oldest to youngest, Farra Francis (13), Maya Arellano (12), and Claire Castleberry (10)!  Each one has goals unique to them in the world of equine performance, and we are blessed to be sponsoring these girls, and their horses in their journey. 

Being a young equestrian means dedication, hard work, compassion, grace and gratitude (for themselves, their horses, their parents; that heart attitude is be seen by all); and being humble enough to learn at every given opportunity.

The checks, buckles, and cheers pale to the bond they all share with their beloved horses, the memories they make, and the lessons they learn. We also honor their horses… the animals that own a special piece of their hearts, that keep our youth safe time and time again, or have taught them to find a way, to never give up; the work and commitment will bring them to their goals.  We lift these girls and their horses up as they travel down the road… race to race (or race to roping in Claire’s case!).  They are blessed, highly favored, covered by the Blood of Jesus, and backed by some COWGIRL STRONG CBD!

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

30 CUBES 25 MG CBD each / 750 MG Full Spectrum CBD, 60 CUBES 25 MG CBD each / 1500 MG Full Spectrum CBD, 90 CUBES 25 MG CBD each / 2250 MG Full Spectrum CBD, 180 CUBES 25 MG CBD each / 4500 MG Full Spectrum CBD