12 OZ CHILL Recovery CBD Gel / 2250 MG CBD plus 30 PC 50 MG CBD Cubes for Horses 20% 0FF




12 OZ CHILL Recovery CBD Gel

Clients are OBSESSED with Rocky Mtn Girls proprietary CHILL Recovery CBD Gel! Works just like a liniment for YOU and YOUR HORSE, but… BLOWS ordinary liniment away… acting FAST against pain, sore joints & muscles; bruises, arthritis, hips, knees, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, head aches due to tight and pulling muscles, screamin’ backs, sore saddle butts (or your horse’s back, just don’t put this on before the saddle, save for after the ride!), PLUS long-term recovery affects.  This ‘liquid gold’ rocks the hocks and soothes the stifles (get your horse feelin’ and workin’ their best)! Relieves pain and combats inflammation all in one shot! GET YOU AND YOUR HORSE SOME TODAY!

DIRECTIONS: Rub liberal amount in thoroughly as needed, equine coat can be wet prior to application (Quickly helps get to the skin, less product in their coat!). Do not apply to saddle area before riding. INGREDIENTS: Water, Aloe Gel, Isopropyl Alcohol, Menthol, Wintergreen, Carbomer, Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate, Triethanolamine. CAUTION: Use only as directed. For external use only, keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If skin irritation develops discontinue use. For severe injuries, contact veterinarian.

50 MG Full Spectrum CBD Infused Cubes for Horses (30 pc bag):

MORE POWER, NO LOSS! Never again loose MG strength as hemp pellets fall from your hand and the horses mouth! Rocky Mountain Girls 50 MG CBD cubes are superior also in quality compared to processed post production hemp biomass pellets because they contain rich phytonutrients extracted from the hemp flower head, not what’s left over in the fibers of stalks & stems.  CBD alone is powerful, but there is always MORE POWER when more of the whole plant is allowed to synergistically work together. This added BENEFIT of full spectrum’s ‘entourage effect’ boasts a non-intoxicating amount of THC teamed together with the hemp plant’s natural properties of major and minor cannabinoids plus a robust terpene profile. FAST, EASY, HORSES LOVE THEM, & POWERFUL!  CBD is used to assist your horse with a multitude of ailments from arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, workout recovery, injury recovery, allergies, nutrition absorption and more!

Dosage Suggestion:  1-3 cubes per day as needed (Cubes vary in size, 50 MG CBD per cube)

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD (0.3% THC, Non-Intoxicating) Premium Alfalfa + Grass Hay + Whole Flash Steamed Flax  (4% min), Bentonite Mineral (Binder). 

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 14% (Min), Crude Fat 4% (Min), Crude Fiber 32% (Max), Digestive Energy (M Cal/lb) 0.9

*MTNMN 2000 MG Bold or Maple tinctures contain the exact high quality CBD oil extracted from flower head that is infused in Rocky Mountain Girls CBD Cubes for Horses, always the best quality for pets and horses as for people.



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