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Pamela P.

After hearing all the good reports with the equine pellets, I decided to try it on my 14 year old Cairn Terrier. After only 4 days I have been able to wean him off his pain meds completely and is doing really well! Definitely a skip in his step and a step in the right direction! Thank you!!!
-Pamela P.

Julie R.

Cooper is our 11 year old corgi. He has been on so much medication for 2+ years for his anxiety and shaking and Alzheimer’s. We took him off his medication 4 weeks ago and started him on Rocky Mountian girls Canine Soft Hemp Chews. He is a different dog !! We are so excited to have our Cooper back. He doesn’t pace or act anxious anymore. He actually starting to eat like a normal dog. He seems happy and content. He has quality of Life again. Thank you Rocky Moutian girls. It has been a hard couple of years trying to find out what Cooper needed. We have found it!!
– Julie R.

Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products Testimonials Rascal and Stephanie P.Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products Testimonials Rascal and Stephanie P2

Stephanie P.

It really works! I have a 300# castrated male goat, Rascal, that had a flare up of his arthritis in his knees and he would hardly stand up. When he did he was limping badly. I started him on just over 1/2 tsp of the Equine Hemp Pellets once daily. After one dose, he was back on his feet. After several days, we was very active and social again 😍 He’s back to playing with his mom, Carmel. Rascal demands his pellets and licks them out of my hand. Both goats are now on Turmeric as well.
-Stephanie P.

Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products Testimonials Ruckus-Jon and Billi BRocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products Testimonials Ruckus-Jon and Billi B2

Bill Blades

We have had nothing but positive experiences. I have 2 dogs that I have put in the treats. One a 1 year old American bulldog, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia about 7 months of age and the vet suggested euthanasia. He had been on pain killers and had FHO on one hip. He was basically 2 legged and a zombie. With the start of the treats he is running and playing and just turned a year old the 18th. My other fella is a 11 year old pug. Was on heavy painkillers and lethargic. I started him on the treats and he is happy and wanting to play. I firmly believe that they have helped my kiddos out and will continue.
– Bill Blades

Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products Brittany B

Brittany B.

CBD is helping my old pups with their arthritis and we are enjoying longer walks!
– Brittany B.

Debbie S.

I am amazed daily by these products! I have been using your products for 8 months now both for Bullet an old retired boarder horse at my Ranch and for my 6yo border collie Ty both of these precious critters have been doing great on your products we are so thankful to have your products available to us.
-Debbie S.

Yvonne P.

I’ve recommended this product to many of my friends for their pets and the results have been amazing. Two dogs with seizures now have no more seizures. My SIL gives it to her pitbull suffering from terrible allergies and skin problems for years and now has no symptoms. Another friend had a dog with terrible anxiety( not eating, sitting up all night whining and barking) is now a “new dog” and has his life back (using the dog chews). Going to have a dear friend try it to get some relief from her arthritis and offer some real pain management. A dear friend with cancer added these therapies to those prescribed by his doctor and our prayer is that he is on the road to recovery. The health benefits are real and natural. I think science is just starting to scratch the surface of the health/healing possibilities!
-Yvonne P.

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