Real People, Real Results.

Lanya C.

I was so skeptical about the cbd oil for people. I had tried other stuff but it didn’t work. Their product WORKS. I have significant damage to discs in my back I have had surgery on both my shoulders and I am allergic to painkillers 😖😖😖 so needless to say pain is a big part of my life. I have been taking the cbd oil for almost three months now and I will never go without it again! My joints used to ache severely for days after doing anything strenuous. Now I might have a little soreness for a day but that is all!!! Also no more monthly cramps. That may be TMI for some people, but for me, having extremely painful cramps every month of my whole life… the difference was immediately noticeable. If you are a skeptic please trust me when I say the cbd oil really truly works.

Natalie M.

I always assumed my relief from my terrible menstrual cycles would come with menopause in about 30 years from now. Periods for me, my entire life, have been terrible. I missed school growing up and as an adult have actually had to take sick days because of my terrible cramps. If I didn’t take motrin the second I felt them coming on, I knew I was doomed. I started taking RMG CBD Oil to see if it would help me sleep better. I was shocked when I felt like cramping, started me period, and didn’t experience my excruciating cramps! I didn’t think it had anything to do with the CBD until my friend mentioned it helping with her cramps… so I did some research… and sure enough! Cramps and a heavy flow are caused by excessive swelling. The CBD Oil changed my period forever! I will NEVER be without it! Thank you Rocky Mountain Girls!

Sandy S.

I found the CBD cream to be very helpful during my outbreak of shingles. It soothed and calmed the nerve pain. It was easy to transport discretely, it was orderless and not greasy so it didn’t stain my clothes. It was easy to apply on the affected areas. There were no adverse effects when applied directly to the skin lesions.

Dawn F.

My family uses Rocky Mountain Girls CBD oil tinctures (250, 500 mg and 25 mg softgels), our favorites are lemon and the orange, the flavorless is great too though. Our two daughters, 16 and 9, have seen great benefits with sleep, digestion, and anxiety. Our youngest was healed by God from severe vertigo, several years ago, but a while after began experiencing a PTSD of sorts, fear that the spinning “might” happen at any moment if she would do certain things, like riding in the car was overwhelming, going to sleep at night when all is quiet and lying down, coming inside from playing and running around outside, riding her horse in circles of any size at all brought on severe panic and prayer was the only thing that stopped the panic attack. I believe God wants to help us receive healing however He can get it to us! With that being said, I believe that this amazing plant was created with us in mind and I have seen our youngest walk out of panic and fear that “everything might start spinning” with prayer and supplemental CBD! Our oldest could hardly eat anything and not feel sick. We tried gluten free, cut out sugar, blood tests, enzymes, vitamin D…so many good things came from supplementing with CBD for her. She was able to go to sleep before 1 or 2 am, was able eat without feeling sick, and was so much more relaxed. We are so thankful about the results, so simple and really works.

My husband jokes with the girls about being made of steel, but he knows the benefits of CBD and is a believer, and for that reason takes CBD as a supplement. He said it helps him sleep better than he normally does, and with work out recovery time, and he doesn’t have the headaches he used to sporadically get. I had a horse panel fall on me and tore a tendon in my elbow, it hurt constantly, and I couldn’t pick up a cup with it, I would wake in the middle of the night with severe pain. Before I started RMG CBD oil I used RMG 1000mg CBD salve (launching soon!) on my elbow and the pain would stop within a minute. I began consistently taking RMG 250 mg CBD oil morning and night, and about 45 days after I realized the pain was completely gone day and night, and had re-gained all mobility!

I had been hurting with that for so long! After that a lady ran into the back of me on a cart track, whiplash! The CBD had also helped me with inflammation in my neck, I wasn’t having any problems anymore with headaches and muscular tension, but the whiplash threw in a whole new issue, causing me to wake up at night and not be able to lift my head to turn over, the pain was so great. I started taking a 25mg Softgel about an hour before bed and now I don’t experience that pain when lifting my head to turn over, actually; I’m I’m not waking up in the middle of the night anymore. So upping my dosage to about 25-35 mg of CBD per day made a huge difference!

Misty A.

As a mom, it was super frustrating to see my four year old son suffer from extremely dry skin on his hands during the winter months. His skin would crack and bleed. The only way I could get him to let me put anything on it was to apply Vaseline while he was sleeping. He would scream bloody murder if I tried to do it during the day. . .saying that it burned. I was hesitant to try the salve, because it has a light scent to it. But my older son, who also has the issue with dry skin, told me he had tried it on his hands and loved it. So, I went for it. No tears, no screaming, no begging for me to wash it off. Two more applications that same day and his hands were completely back to normal the very next day! Not only that, but the issue didn’t keep reoccurring! Happy mom here!