Lanya C.

“Ok so I have been using this since the very beginning. It is INCREDIBLE! A lot of people might not know this but I had melanoma removed from my arm the beginning of this year and I had a huge ugly nasty scar. I decided to just try the balm on my wound 💁‍♀️ I mean what could it hurt, right?! Well I had no idea how much it would really help. I also have also used it on my sunburns (which I do use sunscreen but still burn) and literally overnight there’s a difference and since I started putting the balm on my sunburns I have not even peeled and the sunburn by the end of the next day is basically gone if that makes sense. I can not recommend this balm enough. My older brother is the biggest skeptic in the world and after seeing the difference in my scar on my arm got some for his surgery scars on his knee and foot and has had the same results. It also helps with muscle soreness and smells so good. Not too froofie for a man to not want to use it and not manly for a lady to not want to use it.”


Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp CBD Products Lanya Collage

Lauren A

For the past 20 + years Holly has suffered from debilitating migraines – to the point of having MRI’s done and countless visits to the ER.
There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t experience a headache to some degree – which typically leads into a migraine.
She has tried SO many medications and has practiced every preventative technique suggested to her from Doctors and others who suffer from migraines – NOTHING has ever worked for her.
I have witnessed some of her worst migraines and it’s terrifying – and to see her suffer and know that she’s TERRIFIED to take the medicine that’s required for a bit of temporary relief is heartbreaking.
We recently purchased this product from Dan Francis at
and Holly is on day 10 without even a HINT of a headache!
Quote from Holly – “I have never not had a headache for 10 days in a row for as long as I can remember – this is absolutely unreal”
I know many friends of mine who also suffer from migraines – 10 days is HUGE for Holly and I’ll definitely keep everyone updated as she continues taking this product … but for those friends who also have chronic migraines, this may be your answer!
Reach out to Dan or visit the Rocky Mountain Girls website – they’re all so very knowledgeable about their products and bend over backwards helping and answering questions.
(Our 35 year old horse has been taking their hemp pellets for 3 months – HUGE results for him too!).

Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp CBD Products Lauren A

Jacqueline M.

Words can’t express the gratitude I have for this company and their products. I have a lung disease and was on supplemental oxygen 24/7. I couldn’t find any answers to help me get off the oxygen. The meds my doctors were giving me were doing more harm to my body than good. I finally took charge and started the 250mg broad spectrum CBD oil. In just the first week I started to notice a difference in my health and I didn’t have to stop halfway up the stairs to catch my breath. After three weeks of unleashing this amazing magic, I was able to be completely free from my oxygen tanks, something my doctors weren’t able to do for three and a half years. Rocky Mountain Girls are amazing with their knowledge and their products are great! I can’t wait to see how my journey continues…

Lanya C.

I was so skeptical about the cbd oil for people. I had tried other stuff but it didn’t work. Their product WORKS. I have significant damage to discs in my back I have had surgery on both my shoulders and I am allergic to painkillers 😖😖😖 so needless to say pain is a big part of my life. I have been taking the cbd oil for almost three months now and I will never go without it again! My joints used to ache severely for days after doing anything strenuous. Now I might have a little soreness for a day but that is all!!! Also no more monthly cramps. That may be TMI for some people, but for me, having extremely painful cramps every month of my whole life the difference was immediately noticeable. If you are a skeptic please trust me when I say the cbd oil really truly works.

Tyler G.

I love Rocky Mountain girls hemp products!! I’ve noticed the change in my mental clarity, my joints feel better, my stomach and esophagus are finally not inflamed all the time! I cannot thank you enough for coming into fast fit foods and helping me. I will be looking into helping my dog to some delicious treats, as well as being a lifetime customer myself. THANK YOU for such a great product!

Pauline G.

Misty and Dawn convinced me to try the soft gels to help with anxiety that causes sever digestion issues on a daily basis for me. I’m still working towards finding my number, but let me tell you: I just had a magnificently stressful weekend away from home. Tears, screaming, the whole nine yards. AND I MADE IT THROUGH. For the first time in years I didn’t even look for a restroom before I had to pee, and it may be difficult to imagine but that is an absolute miracle for me. I know every clean restroom on my daily routes, but since the fourth day taking the soft gels I have not needed to stop one single time! My life has vastly improved because of the Rocky Mountain Hemp Girls!

Cheryl C.

Superior product! Does wonders for back pain that multiple surgeries and prescription meds didn’t touch. Quality you can trust! Personalized customer service has been almost immediate each time I message them.

Jamie L.

Love working with genuine honest people and these people display that and so much more. We appreciate your business. Thank you!

Breannah M

I am new to trying CBD and this has been an amazing experience for me! Less pain, I’m sleeping better and just feeling better overall! Dawn was so knowledgeable and helpful getting me started!! I definitely should have tried this product sooner! The shipping and prices are fast and very reasonable as well! If you are looking into CBD give these girls a holler at Rocky Mountain Hemp Girls! You definitely will not regret it!