Newsletter : September 2022


With the heat of summer preparing its changing of gears, we are beyond excited to share all the changes we’ve been defining behind the scenes!  You’ve probably noticed recent changes to the RMG website…. There’s still work to be done, but one of two major accomplishments for Misty and me is a PRICE DROP. Yep! Couldn’t wait to pull the cover off of these new, low prices!

RMG Hemp Newsletter Sept 2022 CBD News (1)

A major price change you won’t want to miss: RMG phytocannabinoid rich tinctures are now ALL ONE GREAT PRICE  for ONLY $45! That’s right! All tinctures, ranging from MG strengths of 500, 1000, & the 1200’s are now only $45! The 1000 MG broad spectrum used to be $75…KEEP $30 IN YOUR POCKET! You deserve it! We couldn’t think of a better way to let you know how much we appreciate you! Thank you for choosing Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp products!  

Our goal is to save you $$$! We encourage you to try the different strains of hemp in our CBD oil tinctures, broad & full spectrum…see what you like! PLUS, it’s good for you to switch things up for your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). These tinctures are a SUPERFOOD for the ECS!  I like to mix a dropper of the broad spectrum (BS) 250 MG Lemon with the 1200 MG full spectrum (FS) Strawberry… amazing flavor!  And, if you haven’t tried the 1000 broad, YOU SHOULD!  The entourage effect is powerful and we love the benefits of having a non intoxicating amount of THC at work in our bodies, but I like sometimes to take the 1200 FS at night and take the 1000 BS during the day. Mix and match to your ECS’ delight! 

About a month ago, we got a call from a gentleman whose dog was having seizures and wanted to try CBD, the meds weren’t stopping the seizures.  Most would suggest the full spectrum for those situations, but his dog was incredibly picky and we opted for the lightest flavor that would be most undetectable for his sensitive pallet, but still strong in results, we  went with the 1000 BS.  He shared in a recent message that his dog has not had any seizures, and likes the 1000 MG tincture so much he licks it straight off the spoon.  We have had many dogs gently walk out of seizures, just like this testimony, with our broad and full spectrum tinctures. You can’t go wrong trying them all, even for what seems a difficult situation. Remember to INCREASE THE DOSE with any of them to see the desired results, each ECS may respond differently, some needing more, some less… just get started and see what works best for you, now that you can enjoy so much more CBD SUPERFOOD for your money, for the whole family.  SHOP CBD TINCTURES NOW!



We also want more horses to benefit from not only our PEOPLE QUALITY tinctures,  but our CBD CUBES that are SUPERIOR to the post production hemp biomass based pellets.  NOW YOU CAN SAVE $10 on 30 Piece 25 & 50 MG CBD Cubes & more for your horses all the time!


And that’s not all…

Not only will you save every time when ordering from your FAVORITE RMG Distributor & online, but you can also SAVE 15% when you subscribe to a monthly autoshipment.  

Speaking of RMG Distributors, we LOVE them!  They are able to help people decide what products are best for them and their families, they have their own amazing testimonies with our products that propels them, just like us, to want you to Unleash the Magic of Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp into the heart of homes & barns of friends and family all across America, plus they have product on hand for those who can’t wait for shipping. We will be adding contact & location by city/state/zip information on the website so that you can reach out to them if you need to pic up product ASAP!  

Our second major accomplishment is our new Distributor program, you may have noticed an “Affiliate Program” option on your account dashboard!  That will take anyone who’s interested in becoming an RMG Distributor to a quick application, then we may contact you with  a question, and if we are a great fit…your approval will come with a simple link you can send out to friends, family, customers, and through social media platforms… Once your guest clicks on your link they arrive at Rocky Mtn Girls Website, and your dashboard will reflect all of the orders placed through your link…SIMPLE!  No need to enter a distributor code!  

We want passionate people all over the US to call us!  Ask us about our program.   You most likely know someone who would love to help people with powerful natural products, we would be a great fit.  TALK TO US!

A NEW PRODUCT is being prepared to launch, Misty and I have been literally HOGGING ALL of its natural botanical DREAMY, velvety, delicate aromatic & MAGICAL CBD serum for your FACE/NECK & BODY for a long time now.  YOU WON’T FIND IT ANYWHERE ELSE, our extraordinary lab is extraordinary because of the great minds and hearts of the owners/partners, and they love what they do, they spend countless hours creative brainstorming, researching, gathering, testing, and they produce the best products for us. They are FDA approved, GMP certified, and the only publicly traded CBD company to date. When you find greatness you acknowledge it!

Remembering where we first met this now personal FAVORITE in our daily beauty routines; on my lap in the parking lot of Misty’s son’s football game at the Canon City Highschool was this serum was tucked in a box full of potential!  Much anticipation had been building, and these long awaited samples from the lab were here! We opened the clear bottle of golden liquid, the aroma that swept us away to an imaginary spa just for those few seconds screamed “X” factor for us (First check off on our wish list!); ushered this face & body serum above all samples, plus that velvety feel, wow, “This could be it!,” we thought.

We began secretly using the face & body serum over the last year, and the only change we requested was ONE.  It’s common for companies selling CBD skin care to have lower CBD MG’s, so we upped this beauty in a bottle to 500 MG, and used this now-ready-to-launch product ourselves way before we even shared it with a few distributors, family, & customers… Why?  We have to LOVE it ourselves first!  

This is why we use our products for a long while before launching; we learned years ago that CBD is so Magical to our ECS Systems that we don’t want to limit how we think about the possibilities for results.  This happened with RMG Balm, we found by accident through use before launching online that the balm grows hair where alopecia has said NO! (Only growing here it ‘should’ grow, NOT where it shouldn’t, like on a women’s face!). 


It hadn’t crossed my mind that the face serum could help with an allergy that afflicted just the face, we normally think in terms of systemic allergy meds, or natural treatments like honey from the area you live.  Plus the results I was looking for with the face & body serum was for evening skin tone, dark spots, and of course anti-aging, so, I was excited to hear that which had afflicted her for over a year was now alleviated gently, no side effects, and brought her skin so much more benefit than what she was even expecting! 

I also, found that the body serum aspect was A M A Z I N G for necks, aged or youthful,  and having that “glow” and smooth looking legs all day is priceless.  Living in a dry climate like Colorado, fellow dry state dwellers know what I mean, then add some years to that scenario, and you too will see just HOW MUCH I LOVE Rocky Mtn Girls CBD FACE & BODY SERUM!

We are offering the FIRST 5 from our CIRCLE of NEWS readers that message us…

‘YES!, I WOULD LOVE to try RMG Face & Body Serum!… and share your review with us.  We will send you a complimentary full size 1 OZ bottle.    

More details to come next month, but I certainly don’t want to ever be without this MAGICAL botanical face & body SERUM plus 500 MG CBD tincture! 

Treasure the days!  They are filled with opportunities to uncover the good and the beautiful.  The power of your imagination was given as a gift, you get to choose how you will use it!  Look for the good & the beauty in yourself, others, all around.  Because of Jesus the Christ, God looks at the born again believer as His righteousness upon the earth, in Christ.  Not because of our perfectness or works, but because of Christ’s grace and sacrifice, called us out of sin and now made a new creation and blameless.  How do you see you?  It’s so important, so powerful.

I have an instagram account for promoting Rocky Mtn Girls ranch life for us here in Canon City, Colorado.  On that Instagram account is a reel with just pics of myself, rare for me!  I like to be “behind” the camera.  Maybe you like to be front stage and center. When you begin to see, understand the heart of God, His story, it changes how you see… and the one who wanted to hide must come out with confidence in Christ, and the one who wants to own the stage, must be willing to lift others up on the stage for Christ.  His perfect beauty is able to make us more beautiful than we ever imagined.

 We hope you see the beauty of Christ, which is everywhere, “All things were made by Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.  In Him was life, and the life was the light of men” (Jn 1:3-4), and “For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible…all things were created through Him and for Him.” (Col 1:16).

“One of my favorite beautiful places to be, to soak in, is right here, watching wise old bark upholding their riches, which grant the morning’s rays access to gently touch the horses, like me, they too have missed them, and the birds touch all with their song, this I need for my soul.” -Dawn

This is our main hayfield @ my ranch, we will start our second and final cutting next week, weather permitting.  I will add the MTNMN Hay field camera on the “Herdlife” livestream found on the website menu bar or on YouTube for the whole process, if you find that interesting… it’s a BIG DEAL around here!  My family and the horses look forward to the change of season for this largest hayfield!  In late October we will turn out one of our herds to this field and through “Herdlife” livestream, you too will get to enjoy horses loving life grazing and playing, before this gorgeous mountain view.

Enjoy the beauty of our changing season!

Dawn & Misty
The Rocky Mtn Girls

Instagram for Dawn: arockymountaingirl

Instagram for Misty: alittlebitranchy

Photo credits top of Newsletter: Fiore Photography, pictured Stacy Adams of Victory Farms Andalusians and Multi-Grand Champion & Stallion Camelio Ang II  *I have to mention, we will be sharing some updates on Camelio’s baby Orion, now 3 months old,catch his cuteness @ Herdlife livestream