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 October 2022



October welcomes the warmth of heart the harvest season brings to our families, and we appreciate all of the farming & working ranch families that have chosen this way of life, that we would have plenty.  My family just visited Diana’s Pumpkin Patch here in Canon City for the 2nd year in a row, and they do a great job providing a place for people to come make memories as they enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Each year has a new mystery to unfold in a corn maze as you sleuth the clues, this year you’ll want to avoid the dinosaurs!  It wasn’t quite the same without the Arellano’s for us. We missed Dan and Chris’ shenanigans… surprising unsuspecting hay riders from the dark side of the corn maze as they slowly traveled further away from the safety of the pumpkin patch.

We are all about making new memories and remembering those of old, live life your way, be happy, life is short in the perspective of history! This has had us thinking deeper over the last several months with the start of public school & homeschool, Misty moving to Florida, the economy, political climate, our multiple businesses & just plain busy… and making room for our passions.

Streamlining & defining were the words pressed into our hearts.  Maybe you’ve been hearing that too.  There is so much going on in the world, but stay focused, dial in even more, getting things in order, defining, sharpening the point of all that you do, your way of life.  That statement, “Your Way of Life,” is simple but powerful. We have grabbed hold of those words, making it a banner over Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp as we step out into all states looking for the right partnerships who love their way of life, the power of nature in health and wholeness without horrific side effects – CBD is a SUPERFOOD for your ECS (Endocannabinoid System, endo means in the body, your ECS works optimally when fed phyto (plant) cannabinoids, and that ECS is the “Built in Dr.” of your body, specializing in Homeostasis!).   “CBD FOR LIFE YOURWAY” is for all…no one wants to be sick, in pain, deficient, nor do we want the horrible side-effects drugs can cause the body if we can avoid it.  We want to live free, free to do what we love, each one of us has a unique way of life!

Life can be turbulent!  The Hemp industry is just as turbulent as everything else is right now, but God has given us wisdom, and guidance, and with that being said, we are rolling out some of the things we’ve been busy defining in product, in word, and art. You will see more changes on the website reflecting our excitement for equine performance, and coming soon a MtnMn brand will bring a shift toward the guys with new art and stronger tinctures promoting full spectrum natural strength; a hint of the maple tree’s golden gift, and a bold natural flavor that embodies a “whiff of the wild.” Stay tuned for this launch!  We’re not saying that some of our products are only for Girls or Guys, but that we are different, and it’s obvious Rocky Mtn Girls has catered our branding towards women more than men.

My MtnMn husband doesn’t really care so much what that packaging looks like, he just likes for the product to do what it says.  With that being said, we will give you his testimony about the newest NON-HORSE related product launch happening right now! …

Rocky Mtn Girls Face & Body Serum is now available and truly radiant.  We have used many face & body products over the years, and the consensus from not only Misty and I, but also those who have tried RMG Face & Body Serum have the same reply, “I love it!” But not MtnMn Dan.

He doesn’t say stuff like, “I love it!”  Here’s what he did say after returning from out of town. During his flight, a woman asked him what he uses on his face. She said that his face looked “Crisp, clean, & healthy! He had only been using RMG Face & Body Serum for a week! On this same business trip, a guy he was meeting also asked him what he used on his face, that his skin looked vibrant… I asked Dan twice if that was really the word this guy used!  He said it was true, and we also noted that he hasn’t had a rosacea breakout since he has been using the Rocky Mtn Girls Face & Body Serum, for about 30 days now!  That’s HUGE, he has used prescription creams for rosacea for years.  It is amazing, but in his realm, there weren’t exclamation points, he’s just happy about it… happily surprised because he gets a lot of samples (MtnMn is a hemp broker) and has tried a lot of CBD products over the years and he does love the RMG Hemp Balm (I said “love” he says he likes ours best for pain and for his face), but nothing has hit the rosacea in the face but this 500 MG full spectrum, spa inducing aroma, naturally powerful botanical ingredient list of Jojoba, Grapeseed Oil. Sweet almond oil, Hemp Extract, Wild Orange, Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Copaiba Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil.

Will you give it a try too?!
We are offering you a special price of $45 for the month of October, SAVE $10 with PROMO CODE: RADIANT
… Get your glow started now!

We also are making a few changes to the newsletter, first is the length!  We will do our best to keep the newsletter as short as possible!  For those of you who will miss hearing that “Extra” from Misty and me, we will be defining our “Faith Unleashed” blog, and working towards youtube videos and a podcast, sharing what we are most passionate about (Other than family, people, pets, horses & CBD, and country!), which is God in case you are new to the Rocky Mtn Girls Circle of News.

We believe that CBD is A M A Z I N G in many ways helping us to be whole in our bodies and emotional state, but God makes whole the spirit, the soul, & the body.  He teaches us how to live & stay free, there is freedom in the Spirit, Jesus is the ultimate healer, He gives life abundant, and He already provided healing through the violent flesh ripping stripes he bore from the leather and nail tipped whips in his scourging for our healing over 2,000 years ago.  Having truth and knowledge about what is important to your way of life are up to you to define in your heart.  The words pressed upon ours is clear, “Get things in order, define & streamline”… your business, your life… if you want to live free it’s important to know your “Why’s, it makes everything simplified for sharpening the point and getting rid of the chaos that comes to all of us daily.

We are excited about where we are headed as a company, family, and we consider you friends in this journey, sharing with you things that matter.


Speaking of things that matter, The World Championship Professional Armed Forces Rodeo (PAFRA) is happening Oct 20-22nd at the Stormont Vale Event Center in Topeka, KS.  Rocky Mtn Girls is proud to be sponsoring this important Rodeo for military families. Also a few of our Sponsees will be competing!… Sisters, Fallon & Farra Francis in barrel racing, Dan Francis & Joey Hunn in Chute Doggin,’ and Joey will also compete in team roping.  There are so many more talented Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, DOD, Honorably Discharged Veterans, Veterans, and their eligible dependants.  You will get to watch live, at PAFRA fb page as they come together from around the world for the love of military & rodeo!

A few photos from PAFRA 2021…

GET IN ON THE EXCITEMENT of PAFRA 2022 Rodeo, don’t miss their ONLINE AUCTION closing October 22, for ONE TIME BREEDING from… The MPH Spectacular Cat is a 2015 Red Roan Stallion by Metallic Cat x Peptos Barbie by Peptoboonsmal. AKA “Spec” is the full package. He has the mind, manners, confirmation, color and pedigree to be a champion.

Winning bid is good for 1 breeding to MPH Spectacular Cat. Frozen semen shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Winner is responsible for mare care/veterinarian expenses.

Our prayers continue for all those impacted by Hurricane Ian.  As the 5th strongest hurricane to breach American soil, Ian was hugely destructive. But God’s glory is greater… He will turn the chaos into beauty once again through the hands and hearts of people as they rebuild and persevere. His light will shine through in unimaginable ways.

We hope that you have clarity this October for all the decisions you face, and enjoy the beauty of your life this harvest season,


Dawn & Misty,
The Rocky Mountain Girls
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