Newsletter : November 2021

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G R A T E F U L .  This we are.  Grateful for Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp, and the health benefits we get to witness in others, and sharing in their excitement about it too.  We are grateful for so much, like you, our families, when our kids are healthy & happy, the tiny new breaths of a newborn joining the family, even remembering to be grateful for the invention of the washing machine, and for our freedom, our military families who sacrifice so much more for us than we for them.  And for ALL these things we say, THANK YOU GOD!   And of Him we also can’t stop sharing about the One who we are most grateful for . . . because without Him, we are lost in the darkness, and without absolute truth.  We were never made to fully live without Him, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Thank you God for giving us life, with You.

Our November PROMO is . . . about giving with a grateful heart.  The Rocky Mtn Girls are giving away FREE 500 MG CBD flavorless broad spectrum tincures (Great for sharing with YOUR PEOPLE, PETS, & HORSES!) with every purchase of $50 or more (Use promo code: GIVE)!  This a huge deal, and also the BEST stocking stuffer a person could get ($55 value, health benefits: priceless)!

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We NEVER tire of sharing the simplest form of truth about the MAGIC of CBD!  Your Endocannabinoid (ECS) system (They won’t teach you about this in school, nor most of your doctor’s offices!) has a job that it is solely responsible for bringing healing to the entire body!  Did you know that some drugs even inhibit the ECS?  There are many reasons in our modern world for our bodies to be lacking and functioning sub-par, but if we can help our ECS function optimally, it is phenomenal at what it was designed to do. . . get rid of inflammation!  This is just one thing the ECS is capable of.  It is in constant communication with our cells at the CB1 and CB2 receptor sites, about what’s failing, and where, then showing up like magic physicians on the inside to eradicate the problem, bringing homeostasis once again.  Don’t be SHY about your testimony!  We want to hear it please! We want to share your experience . . . your story could change someone’s world! 

Moving through the news, I have to mention, WE HAD THE BEST TIME AT the Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association’s 20th anniversary Rodeo in Topeka, KS October 7-9th!  A quick re-cap . . .First, Fallon and Farra Francis both had some of their personal best runs around the barrels, each night beat the last.  Neither of their horses, Caspian and Calli, had ever been in an arena with a jumbo tron and the sheer amount of loud, crazy, scary, as well as the opening ceremony, which was awesome, each night.  Farra said that her horse, Calli, was so excited each time for the opening ceremony because she thought for sure she was gettin’ to run BARRELS!!!… until she figured out it wasn’t happening, Calli decided she would go fast anyway, lol!  As mom, horse mom (Misty), and sponosors, Misty and I couldn’t have been more proud of them all, including my husband, Dan. 

They all made it to the finals, experienced the crowd, and the energy.  Friday night’s steer wrestling performance proved to be great for both Joey Hun and Dan, but Joey’s time trampled ALL other times.  The finals on Saturday made way for a new Chute Dog Champion, as Dan’s steer ran his best time right out of his hands, and Joey dug his heels in for the throw down, but slid into 3rd overall.  We’ve decided to let Joey into the family, since he and Fallon are ridin side by side now, he’ll have to wear a unicorn shirt though. 

Fallon is coming back in 2022, and would love to take a buckle home! That dang 1st barrel hitched a ride toward 2nd, knocking her out of the chance for a 2021 buckle.  Farra came home with the 2021 Youth Champion title, awarded a carry bag; toting her PROUD title. Hopefully her and her bestie, Maya Arellano, will be battling together for buckles at PAFRA 2022!   PAFRA members are great people and STIFF COMPETITION (We gave away lots of product to take away stiffness, bruises, and for performance recovery for horse & rider!).  THANK YOU everyone who cheered them all on, and watched livestream!  If you have a heart to sponsor or get involved in PAFRA, please do.  We would love to see them grow.  Photos below credit to Douglas J. Busby Photography (he posted tons of great photos on fb).


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Fallon & Caspian


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Farra and Calli

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Above left to right: The Colorguard at the opening ceremony.   Don’t mess with these clowns!  “Chiili” & Charles Hastings, check them out on social media for PAFRA, they and the rest of the clowns make PAFRA Rodeo GREAT!


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Left to Right: Tiffany Blades Angus, Leather Bryce, 2021 World Champion Barrel Racer, & Rookie of the Year (Congratulations!), and Fallon Francis.  Dan Francis, we’re hoping that your hair will make us famous!


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Dan Francis, Friday’s round that put him in the finals.  Joey Hunn, Friday’s winning performance steer wrestling/chute dogging. 


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Fallon & Joey, borrowed Tiffany Angus’ adorable and fluffy tack room guard, Tanzy, and Tiff’s, cutest-ever, future bronc rider & tack room helper, Ryat Angus


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Hands down, my favorite picture from the PAFRA Rodeo, the bull riders praying before their event began. 

Misty and I have been literally WRAPPED UP in our our new marketing, and can’t wait to show off new RMG Swagwear!  Look for the new Swagwear tab online this November for long sleeve tees and more!  Customwear is also an option if you LOVE us, our unicorn, and our products!  We also shot some video at the ranch with our marketing guru, KP, the Prez of Moto-MG all the way from St. Louis, MO.  He’s famous for shooting race boats on on the water, we like to think the Rocky Mtn Girls will bring him some fame for hooves racin’ in the dirt, and cowgirl hats a flyin!  His marketing RV rolled onto the ranch and settled in next to Prince Caspian for a few days to help Misty and I capture some video that will reveal more from us about our products, and faith on youtube! 

Having been so wrapped up, we are a bit behind schedule with our hot new product release, absolutely can’t wait . . .  It’s been called “liquid gold” by team ropers to bowlers, Calli and Caspian’s hocks would agree they struck gold at PAFRA with this liquid! …NO MORE HINTS!  But here are some sneak peaks of swagwear, a phenominal pic of the ranch onboard KP’s drone, and a big foot sighting right outside his RV, lol!  We think KP is gonna miss the Rocky Mtn Girls, not just Caspian and Dan.  He did get a riding lesson on his best horse friend, Caspian, under the arena lights with Fallon; you’ll have to visit her lesson student review tab to see how that turned out (!  KP, the rest of the month will be back to lots of exclammation marks and emojies in the RMG group text box (Misty and I have noticed that men generally don’t use or VERY sparingly use these tools of emotional expression, how ‘bout you?)

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Dawn & Misty, “That’s a wrap!”

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Left to right: “Who says men can’t wear unicorn stuff?!”  We are GIVING away tee’s just like this one!  Stay tuned on fb!

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Big foot in Canon City! Dan Francis may have something to do with that, Cas & Dan are tight. 

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Dawn & Misty video & pic day at the ranch.  KP & Cas

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Horses, Horses, EVERYWHERE!

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End of the day in Canon City, Co.

This is the time of year that we stop from the labors of the harvest, gather together, ENJOY the bounty of food & family, and give thanks for our past, those who made the way for us, laid the foundation of today, those who prayed for us.  Maybe you aren’t harvesting a field of pumpkins or hay, but it’s your time, your talents & gifts, money, your encouragement, your caring for elderly (people, pets, horses, & much more), staying with the tiniest of our humans; never stop giving of yourself with a grateful heart and you will reap a harvest that will still be growing long after we are gone. 

Misty & I, are in awe of the Creator of heaven and earth.  We want to leave you always with spirit filled super food that by faith in God can change what you see!  We pray that what we choose to share each month changes your life, your health, and your future; that you will know the Creator and His Son, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit. -Ephesians 1:17-23

The following is an excerpt from The Waters Edge, Spiritual Inspirtion for the Weary Woman by co-authors, Lisa Hoffmann, and Cassandra Hoechstenbach.

Answers in the Dark, Pages 19-20,

It is late at night, and my house is quiet as a mouse except for some occasional snoring coming from down the hall.  While my husband and children sleep soundly, I have taken the opportunity to spend some time praying, reading, and writing.  I am tired, but I get comfortable, and gently spread out my notebooks and Bible across the kitchen table top.  In the midst of nightfall, my silhouette casts a shadow, and the steam from my cup of hot coffee streams off into the dark.  “Lord, I am seeking direction.  I am tired of being tired.”  After about an hour of softly speaking prayers and silently turning pages, I lay my head down on my Bible and pad of paper.  I think to myself, “God is so good.”  He already sees me victorious, and His Word encourages me through every day of my walk.  I just have to keep walking with Him, and stay focused on the prize  I wrap my arms around the paper as if hugging the words on the page  “I love you Lord.  Why are you so good to me?  You know how I’ve struggled today, this week, and last week . . . yet You never leave me.”

I rest my head a moment longer.  I know in my spirit that Jesus is standing behind my chair.  With my spiritual eyes, I see Him standing there.  He leans over, wraps His arms around me, and lays His head on mine; our cheeks are side to side.  It’s as if I can see His presence from all sides.  I am sitting, but I also see from above.  I look down and observe His white robe with a golden red sash, His dark hair, beard and moustache.  It’s not a physical embrace, but it is more real than this very room.  He sits in the chair to my left and takes my hands.  The tears well in my eyes, and I feel ashamed at my recent doubts that the Lord would supply all my needs.  I had been thinking . . . “What if I hadn’t planted the right seeds or said the right words?’  In my mind, these were tought times, and I had to get it right.  But, what perfect words did I say that He would come?  None – I was just thanking Him.  He met me right here at my kitchen table and at my spiritual level.  He met me right where I was to ecourage, and give a hug.  He supplied everything I would ever need a long time ago according to His grace.  Tonight, He reminded me of His promise with an embrace.  Mixed with my faith, all else would fall into place.

I write down these words as a seed.  Maybe someday, many will read them and this seed will grow.  Jesus is the supplier of all our needs.  When you have the supplier, what else do you need?  He will give you the seed to sow.  There is always something in your hand to be used and multiplied.  It could be a penny or a pen.  It could be one hen from which come a dozen eggs.  It could be a brilliant smile, or a shoulder for someone to cry for a while.  The Samaritan woman at the well carried a water pot, and the widow in 1 Kings had one handful of flour and an oil pot.  When you offer what you have in love, it is a gift from above.  God will use it, and you will be blessed.  Put what I say to the test!  This God of ours gives us ability.  Ability to do what – everything He calls us to do!  He even gives us breath.  What about CPR?  A life can be saved with a single breath.  Think of your ability.  What has God called you to be?  So, you think you don’t have any money or means?  What does being a child of the living God mean?  Think you will never do anything great?  Ask God to put you in the right place at the right time.  It might be in an office, or in a generic cubicle at a generic desk.  What makes that desk great is that God gave it to you, and it sits at the right hand of the Father.  Ultimately, you work for Him.  He is the One handing out promotions!  What if you are a mom, caregiver, or guardian?  What if you are a family member?  Whew!  Look  at what’s been placed into your hand.  Generations, such as a lineage of little lambs, are positioned in your palm. 

So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.  And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. …Now, may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness, while you are enriched in everything for all liberality, which causes thanksgiving through us to God.   -2 Corinthians 9:7-8,10-11

“Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or “What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  For after all these things the Gentiles seek.  For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.  But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.  -Mathew 6:31-33

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9


Dawn & Misty

The Rocky Mtn Girls