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Good afternoon!

We have SO much to share this month!!!  A new twist on a Stay Magical bundle, important product info (like WHY are the dog chews still on back order?!)…   Plus, behind the scenes updates on Galaxy and her colt and Armani and her filly (Cuteness overload video clips!!!), CBD & equine pregnancy, a hemp industry insider interview, and much more…

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We have an update to one of our HOT-EST priced bundles, 3 tinctures for $93!  Retail value is $185, save $92!!! Just saying, you need to save this kind of money!  There WILL BE A FLASH SALE this month for one day only in JUNE!  Only subscribers will know the day before, so check your inbox!  FOURTY % off of 3 products to be revealed!!!  In addition, a new product is about to debut… Hint: starts with the letter “G,” tastes like Watermelon, and has 60 mg CBD=10 mg THC each!!!

You may have noticed the back orders off and on with a few products, especially the dog chews.  We want you to know that we 3rd party test our products and we also care about their ingredients.  Upon receipt and 3rd party testing of new inventory, the new dog chew inventory did not pass for mg strength per chew. We attempted 3 different replacements of inventory, each missing the target for 5 mg per chew, hence the long back order.   

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That is a huge concern for the industry at large.  We can only imagine the amount of retailers that are NOT testing. We test to ensure quality products are being sent out to our customers… and that also keeps the manufacturer honest, or aware of distribution/labeling/lot/batch errors.  We greatly appreciate you, and your understanding while we work through the process of bringing you only the best and highest quality products… Until we are back in stock we recommend using the 500, 1000, and or 1200 mg CBD tinctures… they are easily added to the top of your fur babies food!  (GET THAT 3 for $93 tincture BUNDLE!).  I do it every day for my 23-year-old retired barn cat, Jack.  He gets 1-4 droplets of RMG 1000 mg broad spectrum daily… I also switch off and on between the 1200 mg, with a dose of 1 droplet per day.  Prior to this, Jack was getting 4 droplets of the 1200, plus 2 droplets of the 1000.  He was really in a bad way with terrible skin issues, infection (they said he would be on antibiotics for the rest of his life… he’s been off for a year now) from itching ringworm on his neck and ripping open his neck near his jugular, his age, renal, thin…but when I drastically increased his daily dosage with the full spectrum, it changed everything… even the Dermatologist Specialist said this at his check up after the switch to full spectrum, “It’s as if the universe changed for Jack.”  That was a year ago!  He’s still playing and loving life.


The Rocky Mountain Girls and the LIVE STREAM FOAL WATCH crew begins June with bags under our eyes!   If you have been following along too, you may have been up in the wee hours with the four of us (plus our spouses, who have been awakened by our alarms set for every 2 hours, each at a different time for a month now!).  We are proud of our mission through the night to BE THERE for Galaxy…. She ultimately decided to reveal the light of her life on May 31st at 2:20 pm on her 346th day of pregnancy! 

Healthy, flashy, sweet wittle pumpkin face COLT!  He hasn’t been named yet, so we will be making a fb post asking for suggestions for his horse mama, Denise, in TN, because who doesn’t want to come up with amazing horse names for this wittle guy, sporting a goatee btw, so adorable we can’t get enough of him!  Misty and I both are throwing our pick into the arena…ORION! (Orion’s Belt Constellation, ahem…in the Galaxy!)   


We will be posting that suspenseful, on the edge of your seat, delivery moment in 4K on Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp YouTube page, in case you weren’t one of the many cheering Galaxy, baby, and Me and Dan on via livestream as my incredible breeding specialist veterinarian, Dr. Marrott, of Elite Equine, was coaching me through helping Galaxy. She was exhausted and having a hard time getting baby to the light with her own strength, and Dr. Marrott had us all on his stopwatch, thankfully for time was surreal for me. 

– Click Here to see the full video!-  



Peek in on them anytime you want, at FOAL LIFE Livestream on or Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp on YouTube!  He’s nursing like a pro now, and as you can see in the video clip below on his bright 3rd day of life, he’s got some HIGH KICKS! Lol!  He’s making mucking much more fun and interesting for me!  After allowing some time for his back left pastern to strengthen, he is now enjoying and exploring his mama’s outdoor run! Soon he will upgrade to a much larger run, and meeting all the horsey neighbors, plus visits to the riding arena for lots full on high kicking fun!….

All will be on FOAL LIFE livestream camera for you to see his many firsts.  I lift my heart to Galaxy with a lot of love and respect, she has been the best mom; sweet, watchful, patient, gentle, and smart about the people who are helping her and her bright little star…. She has shown me extraordinary behavior for the shy-est mare I have ever known.

5 days after Galaxy shared her baby with the world, Misty’s mare, Armani decided to do the same… She was 336 days along and brought her beautiful filly into the world all on her own. Misty came down to the barn in the morning to find a beautiful, healthy, black filly! She is 3 days old today and THRIVING!!!! Armani, as a maiden, has proven to be an incredible mother… her filly is the light of her life! In a few weeks, Armani and her filly will be headed to my (Dawn) ranch until weaning… so you’ll be able to catch them on the LIVE FOAL LIFE cam too! These half siblings share a Sire and we can’t wait to watch them grow!


Left:  Camelio Ang II, Victory Farms Andalusians, Right: Armani



We love that here we can share freely about our experience with CBD (broad and full spectrum) given prior to and during pregnancy, to nursing mares, and yearlings on up.  There hasn’t been

much clinical study data released in this area.  We have spoken with several universities who are trying to progress through the stringent requirements the government has placed upon them to get their clinicals going and that data to you.  

“Hemp Baby, Ocean”

Misty and I haven’t had to wait for approval, and we each have 3 yo filly’s, Opal & Ocen, whose mama’s were given CBD prior to and throughout their pregnancies, during nursing, and as they have grown over the past 3 years.  We also have a 2 year old colt, Jax (video & Pic below), whose mama didn’t get CBD regularly during pregnancy, but he has been given high doses for long periods of time as a yearling to overcome lameness due to OCD at his fetlock joint… and that long term, consistent high dosage has shown amazing results…As of 8 months ago, he is completely sound, running wild and crazy with one of my herds, not a day of lameness, which is what we kept encountering prior to giving him 150 mg CBD per day (divided into am/pm doses) for about 6 months.  We have had ZERO negative side effects, only positive healing, life promoting results across all our combined experiences.


“Hemp Babies” pictured above: Ocean, now 3, above left: 2 yo Jax, Right: 3 yo Opal

No more stall time for this fast flashy paint!



Galaxy did not get CBD regularly for the first 9 months of her pregnancy, only when she was interested, about 3-5 times a month, but for the 2 months + of her latter pregnancy she has been given a minimum of 50 mg per day broad spectrum, with a handful of full spectrum 50 mg equine CBD cubes.  She was diagnosed with Placentitis at nearly 10 months, which she did really well with the Rugumate, SMZ’s, and Pentoxi plus her Daily CBD.  We are giving her a 50 mg CBD cube per day now that she’s nursing and recovering, she did great and looks wonderful! 

Armani has been on Rocky Mountain Girls Broad Spectrum CBD pellets throughout her pregnancy.  Her pregnancy journey video is available on YouTube (LIVE LINK HERE), but the short is that she became incredibly uncomfortable in her latter stages of pregnancy. So much so Misty didn’t allow her kids in with her.  Misty switched her to RMG 50 MG full spectrum CBD cubes and, like magic, she has been the sweet girl she was, no more ear pinning and angry displays of discomfort.


Just like people, that “entourage” effect, the synergy of more of the whole plant, that little bit of non-intoxicating THC can be the “EXTRA” that you need for your situation.  For those of you, like myself, that are EXTRA SENSITIVE to THC, taking equal or higher % of broad spectrum with your full spectrum gives your system a chance to get used to the little bit of THC… The broad spectrum also acts as an inhibitor to the psychoactive effects of THC.  There are very few of us that would ever “feel” anything, but if you do, and you don’t want to miss out on those THC benefits, that is how to do it!

WE PROMISED AN INTERVIEW with a CBD industry insider.  I will introduce you to Dan Francis who has chased many a “unicorn’ while riding out the changing terrain of this wild west hemp industry, as a Hemp Broker. Now The Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp unicorn is chasing him.  We want to capture a bit of his viewpoint, not from a retailer or consumer, but someone who provides seed to the farmer, help in the harvest, connects to the labs, and investors, buyers and more.  We have learned so much from him over the years, we think you will too.  If you would like to contact Dan don’t hesitate to message us!

Dan Francis, Hemp Broker

Some of our favorite products come from his finished work.  His flower and extracted oil has tested out in highest of quality, which is another reason we brought on the cubes for Horses!  The pellets have proven powerful and are where we first found the magic of hemp.  But, like us, horses also can benefit from different strains of hemp flower, and switching  between full and broad spectrum products.  The pellets are created from post production/extracted biomass (all aerial plant parts, minus the flower head, which contains all of the terpene glands and concentration of cannabinoids).  With that being said, Misty and I have been listening and learning over the years and put our focus on a way to bring that level of quality to a hay-based cube for horses, and with the help of our local lab, and Dan, we have created a product for horses only available at Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp! 

We cannot close without taking a moment to remember the families of those whose lives were shattered in the Texas elementary school shooting.  Our prayers continue for the strength and comfort of the Lord to fill them for the days ahead. We are not experiencing the sting of waking up to the fact that our children or a spouse are not tucked safely in next to us or in the next bedroom, but our hearts are breaking for their loss. 

Evil is anything against God’s way, also described as immoral, profoundly wicked.  This was a blatant act of evil.  The safest place in life or death is to be in Christ Jesus. 

Jesus was so adamant about such horrific crimes that He said on numerous occasions that it would be better if a millstone be placed around one’s neck and cast into the sea then for someone to hurt one of His little children.  He also said the following:

“Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.    -Mathew 18:10

“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  -Mathew 19:14

God gave us the gift of free will.  Along with free will comes sin… But when he died on the cross, he offered us salvation despite our sin. Some have not accepted but reject their salvation… the gift of being born of God and of the Holy Spirit, a free gift.  Jesus said you would know who His disciples are by their LOVE.   Love that is resurrected in us by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus; His atonement for our sin enables us to walk in His light and not in the darkness of Satan, who is the ultimate evil perpetrator behind this mass school shooting.   

Our world’s governments force their idea of good upon all of us.  The prophet Jeremiah said that the way of man is not in himself.  That means that without God nations are unable to rule successfully… and neither are we able to make our personal way a success without the intervention of our Creator.  Although America has strayed from the precepts of the Lord; the good that comes from God, her Christian roots have not withered.  God always keeps a remnant of people that have eyes to see and ears to hear…those who are willing to stand up to evil in the power of the Holy Spirit!  

Today we stand with those parents who have lost more than we can think or imagine.  We call upon the Son of God, Jesus, the only man who was sinless from birth; Jesus who laid down his life for this sin and the sins of the whole world.  It’s not guns that are the problem, it is the evil influencing unrepentant hearts.  It’s not time for a new ruling of the government… a government that pretends to have our safety and good will at heart.  It is God we need to lead our young into the future with His wisdom and clear understanding of good versus evil through a relationship with Him. 

Jesus told His Apostles to go out and preach to all in the world, yet He also told them to take along a sword.  He knew evil would be waiting, then and now, but He sent the few turning into millions knowing that the Word of God can transform as many hearts as those who will have an ear to hear.  Don’t lose heart!  Keep praying.  If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ, consider all the benefits of knowing Him in these turbulent days.  Believe in Him, give your children to Him and let Him be your confidence, your peace, your fortitude, and solid foundation… no matter what happens. 

God bless you and your families,

Misty and Dawn

The Rocky Mountain Girls

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