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GET READY! (for summer) . . . Is our new PROMO Code for JUNE! How you and your horse get ready for summer is unique . . . but universally, horses need to shed that extra winter coat, get and stay legged up to perform their very best, stay sound, and recover quickly from their work in the high heat of summer. We want to help you and your horse(s) GET READY! with 20% off 3 of Rocky Mountain Girls’ BEST CBD products . . . 90 Day Equine Hemp Pellets, 1200 MG CBD Full Spectrum Tincture, 1000 MG Broad Spectrum Tincture.

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You probably wouldn’t like the taste of hemp pellets yourself (yep, we’ve tasted ‘em!), but your horse will love them! Hemp pellets are an easy and convenient way to regularly give your horse the CBD their endocannabinoid system craves! But, did you know that you can share CBD tinctures with your horse? Keep the pipette clean and you and your horse can experience the vast benefits of hemp CDB oil, together! As an added bonus, CBD in oil form offers super-fast bioavailability, making oil perfect when you need results FAST . . . like right before a race, a show, trailering out, an unexpected vet visit, etc. Tinctures can be added to the top of food for your horses, dogs, & cat . . . or placed directly in their mouth.

If you would like to know more about the MAGIC of CBD, we have two great blog articles on horses and CBD for you to check out below . . .

Horse CBD Before and After

Equine CBD Before and After

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CBD is incredible for dogs to!!! And, we have amazing news for those of you giving your dogs Rocky Mtn Girls Soft Hemp Dog Chews! The formula has changed . . . You will now get 150% more CBD in your bag! Not only are your chews now 5mg each, but there are less ingredients… healthy treats with the power to change pet’s and owner’s lives!!! New prices reflect only a $5 increase! Below are the new prices and size choices:

30 Piece (150 MG CBD $35)
60 Piece (300 MG CBD $55)
200 Piece (1000 MG CBD $105)

PLUS . . . We added a new K-9 Bundle in addition to the My Dog & I Bundle!

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Dog CBD Before and After

“I am so blessed by this company and product. We have a 13-year-old male lab named Shadow, and early last week my husband and I had the conversation about Shadow’s quality of life. He was lethargic, in pain, and had lost the spark in his eye. We knew the time was coming, we went ahead and scheduled his final vet appointment for today Jan. 24, 2019. In a last-ditch effort to save our furry friend and give him his life back, I contacted the ladies here at Rocky Mountain Girls, they sent us a pack of the CBD Dog Chews. Shadow got his first chews on Sunday morning; he is taking 4 chews a day and yesterday he was playing with our other dogs and begging for human food! He has not done these things for months. The spark is back in his eyes, and he is becoming more mobile every day. He is 13 so we are realistic, but at least for now our boy is comfortable, and much happier.” -Heather

Have a blessed month,
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The Rocky Mountain Girls

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