Newsletter : July 2022

RMG Hemp - CBD For Horses - July Newsletter 2022-1

Good afternoon!

You’re in our circle of news, and that means your gonna hear it first, the GOOD & THE BAD.  Here’s the GOODWe are excited to reveal the new Rocky Mtn Girls 25 MG equine CBD infused cube!  MORE POWER, NO LOSS!  These magical little hay-based, horse lovin’ CBD cubes have the same MG strength per serving as Rocky Mtn Girls Classic broad spectrum Equine CBD Pellets, they just include that EXTRA BENEFIT of Full Spectrum’s ‘entourage effect’… a non-intoxicating amount of THC synergistically working more powerfully together with the hemp plant’s properties of major and minor cannabinoids and a full terpene profile.  FAST & EASY to give to your horse, THEY LOVE THEM

CBD Bundle - Horse and Rider CBD Bundle - Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products

And did we mention EFFECTIVE?! We suggest 1-2 cubes per day as needed, for most equine health situations. Misty and I always give up to 100-150 MG of CBD per day for injury recovery, and more severe health situations, as long as needed, then returning to a maintenance, or performance dosage (reach out with ANY questions on dosage… we are happy to help!).

To celebrate we are running a HOT PROMO ALL OF JULY for those of you who would love to try the 25 MG CBD CUBE! Enter Promo Code: PATRIOT and get 25% OFF… all sizes! WHY??? Because you are going to love how easy they are to give, JUST LIKE A TREAT! AND we are incredibly PROUD of the young ladies we have chosen for the new 25 MG CBD cube labels! Here they are, from youngest to oldest….


We chose 2 for Miss Claire Castleberry (10) and her two horses Zip & Ram: Wyoming’s WJRA Champion Barrel Racer, winning at Poles, Tying, & Break-Away

Maya Arellano (12) & Jordan:  Colorado’s Youth Barrel Racer (soon to be FLORIDA, stay tuned!)

Farra Francis (13) & Cali:  Colorado’s Youth Barrel Racer

The Rocky Mtn Girls’ hearts are tied to our Sponsees, and especially the youth!  We’re more than proud to have picked three pretty darn special cowgirls to make the new Rocky Mtn Girls 25mg Full Spectrum Equine CBD Cube label great!  Each one has goals unique to them in the world of equine performance, and we are blessed to be sponsoring them and their horses in their journey. 

Being a young equestrian means dedication, hard work, compassion, grace and gratitude (for themselves, their horses, their parents… that heart attitude is be seen by all); and being humble enough to learn at every given opportunity.

The checks, buckles, and cheers pale to the bond they all share with their beloved horses… The memories they make, and the lessons they learn. We also honor their horses, the animals that own a special piece of their hearts; that keep our youth safe time and time again, or have taught them to find a way, to never give up.  The work and commitment will bring them to their goals with great character.  We lift these girls and their horses up as they travel down the road… race to race (or race to roping in Claire’s case)!  They are blessed, highly favored, covered by the Blood of Jesus, and backed by some COWGIRL STRONG CBD!

Here goes the BAD… We are on back order for RMG classic equine CBD pellets.  It could be the end of July before we are ready to ship.  WE ARE NOT CRYIN’ THOUGH!… 

Misty and I have been passing out 25 & 50 mg cubes regularly to our herds (ahem, about, approximately, we never really want to be “Exact” in this number, let’s say 34-ish or more horses, and 2 or more ponies = 1 horse)… and that’s A LOT OF CUBES in a month… but by our calculations we are not loosing one pellet to the earth’s floor by doin’ it this a way!  And something else I want to highlight from May’s Circle of News, is this:  We can’t say enough about the reason we developed the equine CBD cube.  We found the magic in the pellets, but that was just the beginning.  The full power of the magic is in the flower head of the brilliant hemp plant.  We wanted to create for horses the same quality we get in our tinctures without so much loss, from your hand AND their mouth, by giving them a treat form that won’t go stale, won’t cost more than the pellets, the mice don’t care about it,  and we are uniquely selling them in 30 Piece bags no matter which size you get so you can keep one in your trailer, one in the barn, even one in the truck.  We are saying, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH RMG equine CBD cubes, 25 MG or 50 MG… their quality of Full Spectrum CBD surpasses even our own pellets, or any competitor’s pellets, and not by negligence… pellets are made from the post production biomass parts of the hemp plant minus the flower head, hence “MORE POWER (“Umph” as Misty likes to describe it), & NO LOSS in the cubes!  Your horses and ponies WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!   

PLUS, sign up for AUTOSHIP and SAVE EVEN MORE!  We are increasing the discount from 10% to 15%… no more worries about running out, especially if you GO BIG and choose a 90 or 180 Day supply!  These are designed to save you even more if you are having to dose higher right now, or like us, YOU TOO have a L-O-T of horses and want them all to benefit!   

The last bit of GREAT news to highlight is… HOW PROUD WE ARE TO BE AMERICANS, grateful for our constitution, independence, freedom; always remembering and honoring the cost, and grateful for those who continue defending the blessing to be a citizen of this great country. 

No matter your opinion of what’s going on, get out and vote platforms to fill offices with those who represent your values.  Our constitution will stand, created by the founding Father’s who were inspired by the word of God, not just man’s best idea of morality, but Christian ideals that laid the foundation of faith & hope in a living God.  The ideal of equality and freedom for all was written, and would rise up upon the dirt of America, it did and does, evil is still at every corner, but with God as our guiding light, we shall prevail every trial and tribulation life can bring in a fallen world. America’s founding principles were wisely set to guide future generations to prosperity & happiness.    

Happy Independence Day & GOD BLESS AMERICA,

Dawn & Misty,

The Rocky Mtn Girls