Newsletter : August 2022

RMG Hemp Newsletter Graphic August 2022

Good afternoon!!

Time is flying by way too fast with lots of changes.   We are SAVORING 2022’s LAST STRETCH OF SUMMER, really holding close our friendships, where all we have been and where we’re headed as families and hemp industry ‘seasoned’ business partners.  Misty and her family will be moving to Florida by the time our next newsletter hits your inbox (that’s the goal!), and it is bitter-sweet for Misty and I, and our daughters, Farra and Maya.  But, like we roll in this life, we look forward to the new, and sharing in that with you all.  Just what does ranch life look like in Florida?!  Misty will have to fill her Instagram with her new view! While she trades pine trees for palm trees,  I’ll keep sharin’ these gorgeous mountains views from Colorado (I can do without those gators and sharks lol).

Speaking of changes…. How are you all liking those 25 & 50 MG Equine Hemp CBD Cubes?  We love them so much, and I thought I would share some of my herds loving them too.  Why are we so crazy about them?! . . .

FULL SPECTRUM ENTOURAGE EFFECT, single dose NOT IN PELLET FORM, ZERO MG’s LOST through direct or bucket feeding, SUPERIOR QUALITY OVER ANY HEMP PELLET on the market, PHYTOCANNABINOID & TERPENE RICH, in a HAY BASED EASY SERVE CUBE plus flax, Omega’s 3,6 & 9, fatty acids, best quick draw product FOR PERFORMANCE & RECOVERY (A fast 50 MG before hopping on the trailer, and one after performance, other than the CHILL recovery CBD gel for those hocks, stifles and more!), and an easy 25 MG cube option for the majority of consistent daily doses for most maintenance or less aggressive health  issues.  


Our Sponsees have been seeing the difference their choice to use RMG performance products has made for their horses.  Fallon Francis, of FX3 Performance Horses, saw FAST change while at PAFRA 2021, when Caspian’s hocks were stocked up right before the opening ceremony was about to begin!  She was quick to spare none of the “Liquid Gold” in RMG’s Chill Recovery Gel on his hocks, and with a little warm up and within 15 minutes he was ready to go!  She also says, since moving to Texas in March, that the 50 MG cube is her hands down must have before loading on the trailer headed to a barrel race, even over her love of the hemp pellets!… 

“I was at a two day race, and forgot to give him his cube before the first day.  Never again, because his focus was so notable on day two that we shaved a second off our run, that’s huge for me to see that big of a difference!  “ 

Let us share a bit of history and truth about the industry of hemp for horses.  Going back to the whole reason Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp formed a company at all was because of Angel, my little Arabian mare in the before & after pics below, the VERY FIRST RMG 25 MG Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp pellet serving went to her …producing, in only 9 days, a jaw dropping difference in her body condition, and her extreme anxiety.  This was life changing for her and us in May of 2018 BEFORE the farm bill passed.  This is where we found the magic of CBD, in the pellets.  RMG was the first company to solely introduce hemp pellets to horses starting right here in Colorado because of Angel, and our passion for you to also experience and be witness to that same magical change as we did.  We are super proud to be able to say that!  But, we’ve grown so much in knowledge, the industry has grown and is still evolving in many ways the consumer is not even aware of, but we are aware.  This is why RMG is now offering you an even better product than what launched our whole business! 

Misty and I always wanted to create a people quality hemp product for horses that was not in pellet form, from the very beginning, but this product would have to hit the target MG strength at the lab. The industry was not ready for our vision at that early stage, and it didn’t make financial sense back then either.  Moving years forward into a flooded market of products we also realized the importance of our products being under our own control, having witnessed too many times the lack of integrity in the industry with retailers and manufacturers that don’t test, or sell by deceit for profit or they trusted a “huge” reputable company.  We refuse to sell products that don’t have the quality that we want for our own families, pets, and horses.  

That long awaited wish is now a reality in a ‘magical’ hay based cube, each infused with the highest quality full spectrum oil extracted from smokable grade hemp flower, not post production hemp biomass (which is used for the hemp meal to make equine hemp pellets).  Biomass is commonly known as what’s left after the flower head is harvested. The majority of the biomass consists of stalks and stems. Then the best of the phytonutrients (major & minor cannabinoids & terpenes) are extracted from that biomass to be used in tinctures, other products, or turned to isolate, and what is left is the CBD that is found in the fiber of that post production biomass.  There is further processing beyond that to get that turned into meal and then on to additional processing to pelletization. I recently read on a competitor’s website, who claims they are a leader in the industry, that the stems are rich in terpenes… I’ll just say, stems are not where the rich terpenes lie, but rather their glands are beautifully nestled in the flower head.  

For you, your pet, and your horses, we offer the best quality of ingestible CBD options with RMG broad and full spectrum tinctures, simply add atop your pet’s food, horse grains/supplements, or  Equine CBD Cubes of 25 or 50 MG doses!  

If you are experiencing a turned up equine nose to the new CBD cube, we remind you that broad and full spectrum tastes very different, and they may need a little help acquiring this new taste!  We suggest those easy applesauce packets and a dot of that on top of their cube, a dot of molasses, or crumble the cube up in their grain, or mash, and if it is a no, no, not ever for your pickiest of all equines…. RMG’s phytonutrient rich broad & full spectrum tinctures are a perfect choice for your horse, you or your dog!  For picky horses, one dropper full of 1000 MG Broad, or 1200 MG Full Spectrum on top of whatever they love and DONE, and btw… you can pull that cute whittle bottom lip out while getting their daily lovies and squeeze a quick dropper full in that pocket you just made between that lip and teef!

I mentioned that RMG was the first company to solely introduce equine hemp pellets to horses right here in Colorado, and some of them had to acquire a taste for them.  We had such dramatic changes that customers would do whatever it took to get them to eat the pellets, they made all kinds of mash, and other tricks to ensure their horses got their daily doses. 

We are also proud to say that we are the only equine CBD company that in 2022 has 3 year old “HEMP BABIES!” running around our ranches.  We have been able to give CBD to the level necessary to see results in our own herds of 40+ horses combined for most imaginable health situations plus all our clients over the years that we have helped through their toughest of situations.  We didn’t have anyone telling us we couldn’t, we used our own personal herds from ponies with cushings (Twinkie’s been off prascend for 3 years now, doing amazing!), to the eldest in their 30’s, to end of life, to pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, through nursing, to those weaned babies being given Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp as babies and now they are still getting CBD as 3 year olds.  We know that we have more experience than any company in the equine CBD market, no matter how big their advertising statements may be, even CSU does not have 3 year olds to watch, test, and consider their pre and in-utero journey with the benefits of CBD, full and broad spectrum. 

We appreciate all of you, more than you know.   Thank you for ridin’ with us through all of our exciting changes. We are headed into the ‘new’ with much more great news and products to reveal here in the next couple of weeks, but you will be the first to know! See you in your inbox!


Dawn & Misty

The Rocky Mtn Girls

Misty and I believe through personal experience and in the researched fact that CBD, THC, all minor cannabinoids, acidic forms of those not yet chemically changed cannabinoids, terpenes, D8, and isolate, are all SUPERFOODS powerful to heal, making dramatic changes in the quality of life for us all who have taken them seriously, consumed, and or administered parts of this brilliant hemp plant to loved ones, pets and horses.  

But, God makes whole the spirit, soul, and body, for free.  We believe that He heals and makes whole today through believers by His Holy Spirit who does the work.  If you need healing, Misty or I would love to hear from you.   God wants you well, and we want to help you receive from God who has already said “Yes” and provided for your healing & wholeness through Jesus the Christ, and 1 Peter 2:24 says this of Him, “By Whose stripes you were healed.”  And Jesus said this to those who believe who He is, “He who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”  He didn’t say only His Apostles, and He was speaking to those who would believe after He would go to the Father.  We now have the greatest gift of the Holy Spirit offered to us to receive and be witnesses of Him, and that is what dramatically changed Peter, and the rest who were and would be filled with the Holy Spirit, causing them to boldly preach the gospel (even Peter after having denied even knowing Jesus 3 times, even though Peter loved Him), unashamed, but in power and truth, doing the works that Jesus did.  

Our faith is in Christ, the absolute truth is found in Him (He is the Word of God, the way, the truth, and the life), and His finished work. Understanding His command, not a request, but… “he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also.”  

It’s His love for you that gives us the boldness and power to share His true nature, His will for you to be made whole, spirit, body, & soul.

Dawn 719-900-4550 or Misty 866-500-3350 Text or call (Our contact info is online as well, emails are welcomed too!