Newsletter : April 2022

RMG Hemp Newsletter April 2022 - CBD Tincture Sale

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Spring CBD Special: 


500 mg Flavorless tinctures for ONLY $104!!!

This is a HUGE SAVINGS OF OVER $100 when you buy 4 Rocky Mountain Girls 500 MG Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures for People & Pets.

With this SAVINGS, you AND your entire family (four-legged included) can experience the incredible, compassionate benefits of Rocky Mtn Girls’ CBD!

-CBD for Inflammation

-CBD for Arthritis

-CBD for Anxiety

-CBD for Allergies

-CBD for Injury Recovery

-CBD for Workout Recovery

AND so much more!

Dawn and Misty sit down with Dash at Dawn’s ranch to share with you many different reasons how Rocky Mountain Girls Soft Hemp Dog Chews can help your dog (Also the 500 mg Flavorless CBD tincture can be added to your dogs food).  Unleash the Magic of Hemp CBD for natural help with arthritis, anxiety, nausea, old age, pain, and end of life.  Zero negative side affects!

Here’s what a few people have to say about how much they LOVE Rocky Mtn Girls’ CBD Products for themselves and their Pets…

I put my almost (come March 9th) 12 year old Golden Retriever on the Hemp CBD Oil, due to his Synovial Cell Sarcoma on the joint of his right front leg almost a month ago. I was able to see an immediate difference in the brightness in his eyes, and how he was finally able to relax. Living on the Gulf Coast of Texas, Houston, in particular, the cold, damp weather that we have had of late, has played a toll on how Happy, yes my sweet Golden’s name is Happy, has been feeling. Spoke to Dawn just this morning, and with her wise wisdom, assured me that I could increase his dosage for those troublesome days. This is the kind of personal customer service that you can get with Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products. It is very reassuring to have someone that can guide me during this agonizing journey for my sweet Happy and how blessed I feel to have found a place where I can purchase a product that can provide comfort for my sweet Happy. Thank you, Dawn and Misty! What a treasure you are to so many people!

“Cooper is our 11-year-old corgi. He has been on so much medication for 2+ years for his anxiety and shaking and Alzheimer’s. We took him off his medication 4 weeks ago and started him on Rocky Mountain girls Soft Hemp CBD Dog Chews. He is a different dog!! We are so excited to have our Cooper back. He doesn’t pace or act anxious anymore. He actually starting to eat like a normal dog. He seems happy and content. He has quality of Life again. Thank you Rocky Mountain Girls. It has been a hard couple of years trying to find out what Cooper needed. We have found it!!”

-Julie R.

“After hearing all the good reports with the equine pellets, I decided to try it on my 14-year-old Cairn Terrier, Kona. After only 4 days I have been able to wean him off his pain meds completely and he is doing really well! Definitely a skip in his step and a step in the right direction! Thank you!!Kona is so happy to be off the prescription meds! Please keep the hemp chews coming!”

-Pamela P. 

“One of the tests administered to me at my doctor’s office determined how well my brain was functioning. I was 67 years old at the time and the test determined that I was functioning with brain of a 78 year old woman. Wow! That raised some red flags. It is my own experience that since I started taking Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp CBD two years ago, my mind is clearer, my memory fully returned, and I have an overall presence that is free of fear and anxiety. I am working towards a full recovery.”  -Donna

“Words can’t express the gratitude I have for this company and their products. I have a lung disease and was on supplemental oxygen 24/7. I couldn’t find any answers to help me get off the oxygen. The meds my doctors were giving me were doing more harm to my body than good. I finally took charge and started the 250 mg broad spectrum CBD oil. In just the first week I started to notice a difference in my health and I didn’t have to stop halfway up the stairs to catch my breath. After three weeks of unleashing this amazing magic, I was able to be completely free from my oxygen tanks, something my doctors weren’t able to do for three and a half years. Rocky Mountain Girls are amazing with their knowledge and their products are great! I can’t wait to see how my journey continues…”  -Jacqueline M. 

“I am new to trying CBD and this has been an amazing experience for me! Less pain, I’m sleeping better and just feeling better overall! Dawn was so knowledgeable and helpful getting me started!! I definitely should have tried this product sooner! The shipping and prices are fast and very reasonable as well! If you are looking into CBD give these girls a holler at Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp! You definitely will not regret it!”   -Breannah M

This month we are celebrating Easter, Resurrection Sunday; we are so grateful for all that Jesus did for us to restore our right standing with God through His death and resurrection, the atonement made in His blood on our behalf, once and for all, our sins are forgiven, and we are no longer under the curse of the law… We are blessed in Him ALL of the time!  -John 3:16-17, 1 John 4:10, Romans 5, Revelation 1:5

Be blessed ALL THE TIME!

The Rocky Mountain Girls,

Dawn & Misty


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