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CBD Informational Brochure from Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products


Change Your View


“We set out to CHANGE ONE horse”‘
‘Angel’, this one little Arabian mare, changed… It was ‘MAGICAL!’

We didn’t have all the answers. She needed us to try it. What we witnessed within days, ONE Tbsp a day, changed Angel and our view of hemp CBD forever. We felt we had the best kept secret in our hands, so we set out to change a second horse. Scooby, this old, blind and extremely handsome Appy, he changed too… Again, it was MAGICAL!


One Tbsp, Scoobs is no longer camped out.  WOW!  The root of our passion and the beginning of Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp began right there … To change the lives of so many more horses, dogs, cats, and PEOPLE.  We (Dawn & Misty) are still in awe of CBD.  We can’t stop sharing, researching, educating, administering, and consuming CBD; the benefits are too vast.  We are proud to be part of the

CBD movement, changing the view of this brilliantly designed plant, and its compassionate, powerful health properties. 





We all have one, animals too! It runs through your entire body. It plays a crucial role in our health and well-being, it’s job is to bring homeostasis to the body. A multitude of ailments have been linked to a sub-par Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Introducing phytocannabinoids into the system gives our ECS a huge boost and helps naturally bring our body back to optimum performance levels. People have used cannabinoids to help with health problems like Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Digestive Issues, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines, Pain Relief, PMS/Cramps Skin Disorders and many more.



Each ECS may respond differently to phytonutrients. Some may need more, some less. We suggest starting low with 5 mg CBD per day and slowly increase to a general dose of 25 mg per day. Doses may be divided into morning and evening.

Full or Broad Spectrum

Simply put: Rocky Mountain Girls Broad Spectrum contains 0.0% THC and Full Spectrum contains 0.3% THC or less (non intoxicating). RMG products all contain the major cannabinoid, Cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids, plus terpenes. Carrier oils are grapeseed or MCT from organic coconut. Gentle extraction methods of CO2 and Ethanol are both used to gently preserve the opulence and ability of the phytonutrients to synergistically work together.



Is the Bomb! For People, Pets & Horses
Reviews GLOW with positive results from customers who have used Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp CBD Balm for:

Arthritis, Back/Headache/Neck/Nerve Pain, Cancer,
Dry Skin/Eczema/Psoriasis/Shingles,Even Skin Tone/Lighten Age Spots/Lips, Hair Growth,
Inflammation, Injury/Surgery Recovery, Menstrual Cramps, Neuropathy, Pain Relief,
Plantar Fasciitis, Restless Legs, Soreness, Equine Laminitis, Tumors on Horses & Dogs, Wounds

500 mg CBD Balm (1oz) $35

    1000 mg CBD Balm(2oz) $60


Thank you Rocky Mountain Girls

for a CBD product that works!

“I just want to say that your CBD balm is the bomb! I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, pinched nerves and chronic stress. I have tried all kinds of products to help with back and nerve pain, with little success. Then, my daughter gave me a jar of Rocky Mountain Girls Balm to try. The first application was in the middle of the night. Within minutes, I was able to fall back to sleep without pain. The next day I began using it on other parts of my body with similar results. I thought, “What if this balm works on my heel pain?” I had been suffering with the painful Plantar Fasciitis diagnosis for two months.”

Going to physical therapy for my back was almost impossible because of hobbling on one foot, so before I left for my next appointment, I rubbed about 1/8 tsp of the balm into my heel and covered it with my sock. To my delight, I was able to do all the exercises and even forgot that I had a problem! I continued using the balm 3x’s a day and now, only a week later, I am 90% free of pain. When I experienced these wonderful results, I checked out the Rocky Mountain Girls website for myself and found that they had other products; products I could take for stress and panic attacks.

After some experimentation, I found the 25 mg CBD softgels to be the most effective when taken daily. I carry them in my purse. If I am feeling stressed out, I take one. I don’t have to worry about taking too much, just what I need. Life is wonderful without panic and fear. I love that I don’t have to take Prozac or a pharmaceutical that has side effects. This is a new day for me and I’m loving being me again! Thanks! -Donna S.


CBD Tinctures For People

Broad Spectrum for People (Carrier oils are MCT from organic coconut, or grapeseed)

250 MG LEMON Broad Spectrum $30
500 MG ORANGE Broad Spectrum $55
1200 MG STRAWBERRY Full Spectrum $45
1200 MG NATURAL Full Spectrum $45


Tinctures for PEOPLE, PETS & HORSES

250 MG FLAVORLESS Broad Spectrum / Grapeseed Carrier Oil
500 MG FLAVORLESS Broad Specturm / Grapeseed Carrier Oil
1000 MG FLAVORLESS Broad Spectrum / MCT Carrier Oil






Broad Spectrum Equine Hemp Pellets

2 Teaspoons = 25-30 mg CBD / 2-4 Teaspoons Per Day

30 Day Supply $45

60 Day Supply $80

90 Day Supply $120

*Inquire for bulk pricing!  Misty and Dawn both have herds of horses and understand wanting/NEEDING to give this amazing product to them ALL!  Or maybe you have a heart for the amazing equine rescues and want to bless them with enough hemp to give them all the vast benefits of HEMP CBD! Reach out to one of us for more information!
Dawn 719-900-4550 or Misty 866-500-3350


30 Piece : 50 MG equine CBD cubes – Full Spectrum 0.3% THC

  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD (0.3% THC, Non-Intoxicating) infused cubes of  alfalfa + grass hay + flax (cubes sizes vary, 50 MG CBD per cube)
  • Major & Minor Cannabinoids / Naturally Present Terpenes
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • NO heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, molds, or chemicals


Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp CBD Products for People, Pets and Horses
Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp CBD Products for People, Pets and Horses

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