SALE! Flavorless 500mg Grapeseed Tincture

We at Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp are proud to have the highest quality products for our customers!  We are streamlining our flavorless tincture line to MCT carrier oil only, therefore closing out our 500 mg Hemp Extract tincture with grapeseed carrier oil. We hope to reach many people that have been wondering what it is like to take Hemp Extract, and may just be on the fence about it. This is an opportunity that can’t be passed up! 


Hemp Oil Tincture Sale – Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products




Click on the product below, and at check out enter promo code to take advantage of the savings on this tincture filled with golden Hemp goodness!

Pass it on to your people… Please share!!!

Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products - Tincture Sale

500 mg Hemp Flavorless Broad Spectrum (Retail $55, now $27.50)


Speaking of not passing up an opportunity …

We want to THANK YOU! Misty and I started this company with huge, passion-filled hearts for wellness in our families, our herds, and yours! We couldn’t have grown without you! This industry requires loving and educating people about a brilliant, healing plant that has undeservingly carried a bad stigma for far too long. 

Advertising is no small feat for companies like ours. SHARING our posts and your experiences with your friends and  family, with and without fur, is our primary means of reaching people in need of hemp!  We so appreciate you and encourage you to continue sharing!

Together, let’s head toward greatness, sharpen the point, and stay the course!

Be well in your Journey,

The Rocky Mountain Girls,

Dawn & Misty