Real Horses, Real Results.

Dawn F.

Meet Angel, my lovable and beautiful paint mare! We adopted her from Safe Landing Horse Rescue in January of 2018. She still needed a bit of weight to gain when we adopted her to fill her top-line. She was very nervous and didn’t fit into our herd well, causing her to lose more weight. Her eyes and coat were dull. Desperate, I tried every weight gain remedy I could think of… the vet recommended sand clear twice a day for 2 months… Still no gain. I was frustrated and sad for my sweet girl. At a loss, I decided to try Rocky Mountain Girls hemp pellets. The first pic was taken the day we started her on hemp, and wow!… look at her 9 days later! Her winter coat had almost completely shed out, revealing a gorgeous shiny coat! The light returned to her eyes, she stopped pacing, stopped waiting at the gate for me to bring her buckets of supplements… she had adjusted into the herd, happy and healthy at last!

Ailen P.

I have finally found a hemp product for horses that actually works as advertised! I have a 34 year old arabian gelding that has had issues with swelling, mobility and keeping weight on. This product has helped in so many way, not only is he more comfortable moving around but he has his old spunk back! Thank you Rocky Mountain Girls Equine Hemp!

Beth H.

I started using hemp for my 30+ year old Shetland pony mare. We were having difficulty getting her weight up and no matter how much we tried to increase her mash she’d only eat up to a certain amount before just leaving the rest. She has cushings (pergolide makes her depressed so she can’t take that) and was losing weight…. it seemed like she was giving up. We were looking at end of life decisions. My vet recommended me trying her on hemp pellets…. so I had tried everything else, I’ll try one more thing! After hearing so many good things about the hemp, I made the purchase, and started my mare on the hemp pellets. Within the first week she started to loose all the excess cushings hair she couldn’t let go of on her own! She started feeling better just from losin the excess hair- which in turn led to her eating more food! In one month I saw such a change in my little mare! Now at Christmas she isn’t just fuzzy, but she is Fat!!! She’s enjoying her retirement making sure the full sized horses behave. And I’m happy cuz I have a healthy pony!

Candice B.

Our haflinger was having trouble, sensitivity to bug bites…condition improved with RMG hemp. Highly recommend trying…we’ve been feeding him this daily for 4 months now.. his skin was so itchy and it’s no longer a problem.

Tina W.

Coco is a 9 year old AQHA who’s main job is dressage. I have owned her for about 1.5 years. Before I bought her, she got kicked in the left hock and it severed the muscle from the bone. Several vets assured that it was a recoverable injury with correct work. The first 6 months I had her, everything was fine. She was gaining strength in that muscle and was rarely stiff or sore on it. Then, last May, she developed an abscess on her right front. She ended up blowing out 5 abscesses on the foot and was off for 3 months. Since coming back from that, she has been routinely stiff and sore on that leg. She does work out of it but it’s really hard to watch an animal that you are responsible for walking around in pain. Among many other things for Coco, she started the hemp pellets. She has had less stiffness and soreness since starting. She also looks amazing. Her coat and mane and tail are so shiny and soft. I would definitely recommend trying hemp pellets.

6 Month Update: My mare used to have lots of stiffness in her left hind hock. She’s been on hemp pellets for about 6 months and the difference is awesome. Her coat is also amazing and I feel like she’s less spooky.

Billie D.

This is Crockett, a CHEER rescue, he has been on the hemp pellets just about a month. He has nevicular in his left front. The vet is AMAZED at his progress ! We are doing everything we can to keep him on all natural products and comfortable ! He currently is only on the hemp, and he has improved 80% by our vets estimate.

Beth N.

Hello! I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product! My horse is on day 12 and he is getting better and better every day! He was a ranch horse ridden hard and is now 20 years old with wear and tear. I have tried soooo many things to make him more comfortable and nothing worked. He developed a slight limp in his front left from not utilizing his hind well from stiffness. Through lots of vet bills, expensive shoeing nothing helped. Well 5 days into it there was significant improvements and now 12 days it is gone and he’s using his body correctly! I am so happy I tried this product and a true believer first hand!

Anastasia K.

20 year old gelding. Cushings. Arthritis and old suspensory injury. Someone gave me hemp for him – he was on it barely a month when symptoms began to show. He was constantly sweaty from his thick coat, I had backup plans set up to get him shaved. It took about 50 days, his coat shed off, his discomfort/pain has become little to none and he is now a new horse. He feels and looks great!

Lauren A.

Here is Gypsy happily getting her feet cleaned. Gypsy has been on hemp about a month. She has had arthritic pain & feet cleaning had become very uncomfortable. Previcox did not work for her like my old mare. I started on 25 mg once a day and am now doing 25 twice a day with great results! Thank you Rocky Mountain Girls!!!

6 Month Update: Thank you so much Rocky Mountain Girls! My second order arrived amazingly fast. Plus a great deal buy one get one half off. Thank you for your wonderful CBD and helping keep it affordable! My Gypsy thanks you too! Moving better and happier!

Dawn W.

Used the CBD pellets for an older horse to help keep weight on him…..not only did it do that, but also helped his movement!

Dawn F.

This is Hannah. She has badly crooked legs and huge joints. Most of the last two years she has hobbled around and stayed more to herself. Pain meds/anti-inflammatory drugs helped her some, but we do not like to keep her on those long term. She would be almost lame if she tried to go out to the back pasture with the rest of the herd because it was too much walking for her. Since we started her on the hemp, she is a significantly different horse because she can move around so much more smoothly. She has become more assertive and social with the other horses, and she now gladly goes all the way to the back pasture with them. She was trotting around today and I could not catch her.

Julie H.

I can’t say enough about Rocky Mountain Giles Hemp. For four months I was trying anything and everything to get Jetta’s weight back on her. I did everything the vet said to do and then some. I could only get a little bit of weight on her. After 10 days of RMGH she had HUGE improvement. This is her start day up to today. AMAZING! 💖 if you have been on the fence about this product the before and after picture says it all. 😊

Ashley R.

My mare kitty got kicked in the muscle and had muscle bruising as you can see it was in a hard spot to be able to wrap so I started her on the hemp pellets and in a few days swelling went down very happy with how well it is healing.