Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2019 …. Recap

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2019 …. Recap


The 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo marked Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products first big event as a vendor! As if leaving the ranch for 5 days, packing up 3 kiddos, plus all of our Sparkly new booth apparel wasn’t enough pressure. . . My daughter, Maya (8), and Dawn’s daughter, Farra (9), entered into the Rescue only horse show that debuted this year, The Battle on the Rockies.  So, inventory, kids, bags, horses, hay, displays, and tack (etc, etc, etc) were loaded up and off we went… with high hopes and excited kids! …oh, and two dogs to boot, Jasper and Dash!

We arrived a day early to alleviate some of the stress and chaos… which was amazing!  We off loaded and were able to get our girls some Magical alone time in the main event arena with their horses     


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(Storm and Melania). The lights were big and bright; overhead sparkling silver streamers kicked their imaginations into a full gallop! .… Dreams unfolded as each hoof in the dirt drew them closer to what would soon be bleachers filled with fans hooting and hollering to the music they had each selected, in highest hopes of making it to the freestyle round.  All the stress melted away and we sat back and watched our girls do what they do best… Ride together!

We spent the entire next day setting up the booth and squeezing in as much ride time for Farra and Maya as possible. After the girls and booth were all checked in, we made a deep exhale and the fun began!  We met so many awesome people at the booth and in the stalls and arenas.

Friday began with an EARLY alarm and 6 girls rushing around our AirBnB, sharing mirrors and toting bags out to the truck! The girls didn’t show that morning until around noon… but the entire morning was spent getting them ready.  Lucky for us, Dan (Dawn’s husband) and his friend, Casey from Lake Ozark, MO, showed up and Saved the Day! They ran the entire booth for us all morning and rocked out sales like pros!

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Farra and Maya took 1st and 2nd (respectively) in their Ranch Riding Pattern and were absolutely… On Top of the World for the rest of the day! We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon/evening talking with new and current customers at our booth.  Some really amazing conversations about CBD were had and sales were great!

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Saturday morning was a Whirlwind… the girls Trail Class started at 8 am! We arrived at 6:30 to get them ready! Their warm up time was a blast and Nana (Maya’s grandma) got some awesome video and pics of our little cowgirls! (Along with Colt Lindsey Photography)  They again placed well (Farra 1st and Maya 3rd) in their Trail Class and the announcement was made that they had made top 2 in the Youth Division and would be performing a reining freestyle at the main event that very evening!

Once again, the booth and the Hemp business we Love so very much was Rocked by Dan (HUGE thanks) as show mom mode took precedence! We set out to build their props with the help of Misty’s handy husband, Chris.  That was a little crazy, but Chris is a pro with the skill saw, and we made it back to expo in time for the girls to work on patterns they had never once ridden through.

The weight of the Battle for the Saddle settled on the girls when we all gathered together for a meeting with Garret Leonard and Dawn Ciciulla with the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance (CUHA) a few hours before show time…… Nerves on fire…. Girls tacked up, ready to run through their patterns a few times before the Big Show!


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. . But wait. . . NOT A SINGLE ARENA WAS OPEN!  NO PRACTICING PATTERN!!!  Not… one… single… arena! They were able to get warmed up, but neither of them were able to ride through their pattern. (Side note, the patterns were penciled out 10 pm the night before not knowing if they would make it or not, and these two amazing little riders have never ridden a reigning pattern before, they have only shown in Western at Latigo’s Winter Buckle!)  With nerves and emotions high, both of our girls………


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……… Rode Beautifully in front of 100’s of people! They were absolutely perfect and showed the whole world what their rescue horses are capable of!  Our girls showed each other   Grace, Love, and Encouragement!    We were both so proud of them. 

    Farra rode to “You Don’t Know Your Beautiful” by One Direction…….

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    Maya rode to Katy Perry’s “ROAR”……             

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                       Best Friends anxiously awaiting the news…..

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Congratulations to Maya!  She won The Battle for the Saddle and can’t wait to head up to Colorado Saddlery to design her very own custom saddle! The program was amazing and the girls can’t wait to compete again next year! However, they will have a little more competition as Fallon (Farra’s older sister) and Beau (Maya’s older brother) are also determined to compete on their rescue horses next year!

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Melania and Storm are the same horses you read about in fairytales.   Gorgeous, Brave, Loyal, and Truly Magical.  They proudly carried their girls all around the expo without a single mis-step. They rode through concrete hallways, wove through hundreds of stalls, rode in several arenas, encountered carts, carriages, zebras, flags, tractors, and countless other ‘obstacles’. Those two horses earned a place in the hearts of everybody they encountered! They were both adopted from Safe Landing Horse Rescue (Owner Lanya Clinard pictured below with the girls) in Black Forest, CO. Storm and Melania were both surrendered by owners who knew the rescue would ensure they would find the perfect forever homes. And they most certainly have. This weekend, and every day, they give our girls the fairytale life some children only dream of. They lope through fields, wind down trails, cross streams, and even rock the arenas! So, the next time you are in the market for a new steed, check with your local horse rescues!  Your very own…. Unicorn might just be waiting for you! 

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We greatly missed our booth on Saturday… but Sunday we were able to spend the entire day there and thoroughly enjoyed it! We made priceless connections with fellow vendors, met lots of new customers, and enjoyed a few visits from current customers. There is so much to be learned about CBD, hemp, and their benefits to people and pets! We felt so Blessed to be able to have meaningful conversations with people about their health and the health of their four-legged loved ones! Making a difference in the lives of our customers means more to us than you know.  We pray over every single product we ship… We pray for healing in our customers and their pets, and that they would find their way to our Unicorn guarded logo.

Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products Unleash The Magic

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Overall, we had a Wildly Successful 2019 expo experience and we can’t wait to go back next year!  We plan to attend as many events as we can this year!

…..And we have a special Thanks to our other beautiful daughters for all your help…..                    


             Fallon & Lili!

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And special thanks to all who put on the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo that we all look forward to each year!  Thank you Lanya Clinard, and all the other Rescues for what you do.  Special thanks to MISTY ARELLANO for all the hours you have spent training Farra with LOVE, thank you Megan Wojchik and Jacquie Schutzenhofer at Triple S Ranch for your invested time.  HUGE thanks to Dan Francis, Chris Arellano, Casey Milligan, Sara Vigil (Nana), Beau for helping take care of the ranch while we were away and always!!! Thanks to all the customers that stopped by to say ‘Hi!’ and share CBD success stories with us… And to the new customers that invested faith into our products buy investing your money into trying a new product!

Stay Magical

Misty & Dawn

Rocky Mountain Girls Co-Founders


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