equine PELLETS vs. CUBES



Rocky Mtn Girls Equine Hemp Pellets are a staple product in every barn they have compassionately made their way into! RMG Hemp CBD pellets are Broad Spectrum (meaning they do not contain a detectable level of THC). Each serving (2 teaspoons) contains 25-30mg of Broad Spectrum CBD. The pellets are easy to dose and safe to take if your horse is competing and being tested for THC, but NOT being tested for CBD (although most organizations that are testing for THC are also testing for CBD).

If you are just starting your horse on CBD for maintenance, performance, or mild ailments, we recommend starting with one serving of the pellets. The pellets give you the ability to easily play with your horses’ dose so you can find THEIR best number. We always recommend starting low and dosing up until you find their sweet spot. Horses, just like people, can respond differently to Broad vs Full Spectrum CBD, and MG strength per serving. You can safely dose up as needed.  Also, if you find your horse at a high dosage for the situation, that can change!  Your horse may not need to be on a higher dosage forever.  This is one of the many reasons we LOVE Hemp CBD. Health situations do change, and often when giving the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) a consistent boost for a long enough period of time, the body is able to heal itself!  Not only is the pain being ‘masked’ through the nervous system (which would be a great reason to give an AM & PM dose; helping to manage pain for approximately 8-10 hrs per dose), but the inflammation (and so much more) is being handled by your endocannabinoid system in an ultra proficient way; remembering that the ECS’s entire job inside of your body is to bring homeostasis. For more about your ECS, check out our article: The Endocannabinoid System.

Rocky Mtn Girls Full Spectrum Equine CBD Cubes are for the horse(s) that need extra POWER only THC can bring when synergistically working with CBD; more of the whole hemp plant. Each cube/serving is infused with 50mg of Full Spectrum CBD (0.3% or less, non-intoxicating). They are a super cost effective option for those horses that need MORE than 25MG of CBD daily. They are also fantastic to have on hand in case of an injury or a situation that might be more high stress (farrier, vet, hauling, showing, etc) or require peak performance (competing, hard day of work on the ranch). The ONLY downside is that you can’t play with the dosage like you can with the pellets. They are also great to have on hand for senior horses that do well on the pellets, but have some harder days and need just a little more… and are even better for the really arthritic horses that need ‘more’ on a regular basis.  We personally have dosed up to 150-200 mg per day for serious situations (including the ups & downs of old age & arthritis), all returning to a maintenance dose with good report.

WE DON’T WANT TO CHOOSE between these two products, we use both for the reasons above and our experience with a myriad of situations between our personal herds (40+ plus horses & ponies) and all our Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp clients who, just like us, WILL NOT do without Hemp CBD FULL or BROAD spectrum for ourselves, pets, and or horses. So, we made this equine BUNDLE just for YOU!… Enjoy 15% off everyday, DON’T CHOOSE, GET BOTH!  Bundle includes 60 Day equine hemp pellets, 30 piece equine CBD cubes, and SAVE $20!

-The Rocky Mtn Girls (Selfie provided by Dawn & Misty)