Dosage Recommendations for People

Dosage Recommendations for People

How much CBD Should I take?

If you are new to Hemp derived CBD, you probably have a few questions. How much CBD should I take? How often?

Simple answer? That depends. That depends on your unique situation and how your body responds! Some are more sensitive and require less CBD to achieve their desired result; while others can require significantly more. If you are taking other medications, please see our article, CBD and Drug Interactions

General Recommendations

We suggest everybody start low and ‘dose up’ until they find their sweet spot (unless dealing with severe pain or more serious health issues). We have found beginning with 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening to be a great starting dosage. Stay at this dosage for a few days before increasing. Increasing by 5mg every few days or so will allow you to accurately find your ideal dosage, or sweet spot. Most adults find this to be about 25 mg of CBD per day. While those with chronic pain issues typically end up around 50 mg per day.

More Serious Cases

We highly recommend consulting a physician if you are considering incorporating Hemp derived CBD into your healing plan for a more serious disease or ailment. However, we are here to help and share success stories and healing our customers have experienced through CBD! Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Rocky Mountain Girls team with any questions!

It is safe to immediately start on much higher doses to combat conditions such as seizures, auto-immune disorders, cancer, etc. Some cancer patients take up to 1,000mg of CBD per day or more! Do not be afraid of overdosing! 

  • If you are currently taking other medications, please see our articleCBD and Possible Drug Interactions .CBD, when taken at extremely high levels, may inhibit the body’s ability to metabolize other drugs that are processed by the CYP450 system, which can lead to an increase in digestion. Studies are still being done to determine the exact amount of CBD that is required for this inhibiting potential to take effect.CBD is not alone. . . Grapefruit and Watercress have this same inhibiting potential on the CYP450 system. 

Should I use Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp CBD Oil from a tincture or in the form of Softgels?

While this is really a matter of preference, there are a few pros to both forms of Hemp derived CBD that we will cover quickly!

  • Tinctures allow you to dose up (5mg at a time), while the softgels start out at a larger dose. We recommend that newbies to CBD start out with our 250 mg or 500 mg tinctures. Some people may only need 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening, low doses such as this are not available via the softgels.
  • Tinctures are an approximate dosage (it is impossible to get an exact dosage when dealing with a dropper). Softgels provide a quick, accurate dose.
  • Broad Spectrum softgels also boast special nanoemulsion technology that allows for faster bioavailability (Up to 4 times faster than other oils).

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