Can CBD Help with High Blood Pressure? Everything You Need To Know

CBD can be used for a variety of physical and mental health conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, nausea, pain, and seizures. Science is now starting to realize how CBD can help people with high blood pressure. Here’s everything you need to know.

How Does CBD Help with High Blood Pressure?

The CDC estimates that 1 in 3 people have high blood pressure. That’s 75 million people in the United States. Having high blood pressure puts you at greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Many of these individuals are taking medication to help them control their blood pressure and keep it at a normal level.

People are starting to turn to natural remedies, including CBD to help control their blood pressure because of the side effects of blood pressure medications.

Relieves Stress

When a person gets stressed the body releases hormones which temporarily increase blood pressure by causing your heart to beat faster, narrowing the blood vessels. If someone has chronic stress, then their blood pressure is high all the time, increasing the risk for heart attack or stroke. CBD has relaxation properties that help defer the impact of the stress response. It controls your heart rate and keeps you calm, thus keeping your blood pressure lower.

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Improves Heart Health

Recent studies show that CBD may be good for heart health and the circulatory system, which is linked to high blood pressure. One study found that volunteers given CBD had a lower resting blood pressure.

There is still a great deal of research that needs to be done to definitively say that CBD can be used to treat high blood pressure. Before you decide to use CBD to help with your blood pressure, make sure you talk to your doctor first.