Dawn Francis – Owner

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I have been accused of being too serious, but that comes from a heart that wants to help people and animals however I can! I’m passionate about God, my family, animals, art, all things entrepreneurial, health and fitness.

My brilliant and humorous husband, Dan, of many years keeps us laughing and exploring new entrepreneurial adventures. In 2012, Dan led our caravan of U-hauls and cars loaded with our two amazing daughters, Fallon (now 16), and Farra Bella (now 9),… 3 dogs, 3 cats, fish-in-bowl, and a set of parents, leaving behind our hometowns of St. Louis, MO, in route to Colorado Springs, CO. We love living in Colorado and Colorado loves homeschooling families too! We are a family of entrepreneurs and when you grow up in one you can’t help but to see through that lens. When we became “believers” in CBD for horses by the “magical” results we witnessed with my little Arabian, Angel, it was natural to start Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products with my friend Misty, who was having “magical” results with her old Appy, Scooby….. and so we began sharing the good news!

My love for horses began at the age of 10. My Dad gave my two sisters and I the most amazing of gifts, a horse for each! This beautiful black mare named Pearl, with a colt by her side, marked my heart forever. Pearl allowed me to capture her by climbing onto her back from a fence post. I never had lessons, never had a saddle, but I did have a horse, a brush, and a halter tied with a rope! My fairytale didn’t last but a few years and through circumstance our horses were given away. To this day, there is an emotional flood that comes with thoughts, pictures, and stories of horses!

Becoming a mom changed my life forever for the better! Fallon asked me to homeschool her at the age of 4! It took a few years for me to believe that I could, and so began our homeschool journey. It’s not for every family, but it was the right choice for mine. There is rich wisdom whispered from the hearts of children if we can hear through the complexities of life. When the girls were 1 and 7 God spoke into my heart that they would be my greatest inspiration. If it weren’t for our girls I don’t think I would have opened the door to play with horses again, but I did for them and what an adventure we have begun….15 horses and 2 fillies later!…we are having the time of our life!

The driving force in my life, other than Dan and our girls, … and horses!…is the exciting and life changing power of the Holy Spirit! I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire over 17 years ago…maybe you are thinking…??…yikes, what’s that?! It’s in the bible, Jesus is doing the baptizing, John the Baptist said He (Jesus) would baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire! The first thing the power of the Holy Spirit did in my life did was reveal on a level I could not comprehend on my own, the magnitude of the love God has for me, for all people. It is only a place that He can take you. I believe God has a plan and a calling for each person if they want to know, and He will equip you to walk in it. He ignited within me a spiritual fire for healing that I can’t put out! I love to pray for people and animals for healing, and I believe God wants you well, has good plans for you, and wants to prosper you too. It is a great opportunity placed before me, fulfilling a desire to see wholeness restored in the lives of people and pets; through faith in Jesus’ finished work in the atonement, and through compassionate products designed with life in mind. We are meant to be healthy, spirit, soul, and body.

The truth of our experience has compelled us to share Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products with you!

Be well in your journey,
Dawn Francis
January 2019



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