Arthritic Horse

How Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products Helped Scooby

Meet Scooby! This is my senior gelding, who happens to be completely blind! I adopted him from Into the Light Horse Rescue & Sanctuary 2 years ago. He was the first horse my 5 year old (then 3), Cruz, ever loped on. He was actually the first horse Cruz was ever comfortable on. He is our BEST trail horse. He won’t refuse anything (he will even cross water and lope a barrel pattern with his kiddos) and almost never spooks. He has the sweetest, most gentle soul. I can tell Scooby has had a lot of riding years throughout his life and it shows in the form of a good handle and some unfortunate arthritis.

After about 6 months of owning him we noticed a lot soreness and stiffness. He would stand camped out and would lay down a lot. I hated watching him get up because it was slow going and he would be completely lame for about 5 to 10 minutes after getting up until he had stretched out a bit. If he stood tied at the trailer for more than 30 minutes, he would walk away completely sore.

I told the kids to shorten up their rides, ride him a little less, give him more hugs than saddles. They were devastated. I had spoken to both of my vets and we were ready to start him on Previcox. But, we decided to try Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Pellets first and what a difference it has made! He feels so much better, stands normally, rarely lays down, and doesn’t get up stiff and sore! Seeing him feel so much better is one of the major reasons I decided to go down this magical path of Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp! It changed his (and our) world! We could not be more grateful, and Scooby could not be any happier/healthier! Oh, and as a bonus, he has an amazing coat and maintains a healthy weight all year long with ZERO additional supplements! Hemp for the win!!!

-Misty, RMG Hemp Co-Owner


Horses experience health issues that can make their owners wonder what the best approach for their animal’s health is. One of the most popular home, non-prescription treatments people turn to is Hemp therapy, which is said to offer several benefits.


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