We Are Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products


Co-Founders Dawn and Misty established Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp to share the amazing properties that broad and full spectrum hemp derived CBD oil can unleash within people and animals world-wide. Humble intentions to improve their own horse’s quality of life, and of those in their community, has launched them into an arena of CBD products for People, Pets, and Horse. The “magical” results speak for themselves! “We are passionate about the natural healing and balance hemp can provide the body. We are so blessed to be making a difference in peoples’ lives and taking part in the CBD movement!“

*Inquire for bulk pricing!  Misty and Dawn both have herds of horses and understand wanting/NEEDING to give this amazing product to them ALL!  Or maybe you have a heart for the amazing equine rescues and want to bless them with enough hemp to give them all the vast benefits of HEMP CBD! Reach out to one of us for more information!
Dawn 719-900-4550 or Misty 866-500-3350